Todd McFarlane's Assassin's Creed IV Poster Unveiled

Focusing on swords, guns and pirates, Todd McFarlane's Assassin's Creed IV pre-order poster hits all the right notes.

Todd McFarlane, comic artist and writer, is best known for creating dark comic character Spawn. This poster will be available in pre-ordered copies of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

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matrixman921909d ago

isnt this really old news?

Wargrave1909d ago

Todd McFarlane making a poster is old news, but the design of it isn't. What the poster looks like is new.

matrixman921909d ago

ive had my poster since i preordered a month ago

admiralvic1909d ago

Really? Looks a like like this poster from 2/26 (over a month ago)

jakmckratos1909d ago

Uhh it was unveiled when I got it about a month ago.