Gears of War: Judgment - Haven DLC images

Take a look at some screenshots and art from the Gears of War: Judgment Haven DLC.

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finbars752060d ago

Wtf is going on with all these rehashed maps in the last year.cant they come up with something new.its becoming annoying and old news.I want to see some creative ideas come from these developers.Love the game just want something new not old.

coolbeans2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

Regardless of it being a rehashed map (which I'm pretty sure is a new map altogether) + game mode, why complain about free DLC?

RAVEN812060d ago

they are working on the new systems and new games fin

finbars752060d ago

Are you guys really that sad?There making new systems and new games.We wont see those for another 6 months or more.Im talking about now.If you release a game with such little content then whats the point.You sell the game and say here are two rehashed maps and where bringing back execution but by the way where to busy working on next gen stuff so this is all you get.Thats pretty bad and you guys who agree with this are just foolsih feeble minded idiots.Look at Halo4 the content just keeps coming and coming.Excuses excuses.By the way Epic didnt make the game it was People can fly tards.Big difference.

jimbobwahey2060d ago

They said we'd get two free maps, now it's just one? Thanks Epic, great job.

Doesn't help that the game only shipped with four maps for each of the two game modes. Total rip-off.

RAVEN812060d ago

epic ? this game is made people can fly, epic just made sure they did it right

Sovereign592059d ago

Epic is responsible for the multiplayer, People Can Fly worked on the campaign.

TekoIie2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

We are still getting the second map. I've heard its for Overrun and survival so that might have something to do with it being delayed.

Jek_Porkins2060d ago

Free map and they brought back Execution! Sweet!