Microsoft Will Support Blu-Ray, But Not with Xbox 360, For Now

Microsoft Corp. cannot afford the luxury of staying away from the market of high-definition video, but this does not mean that it will embrace Blu-ray disc (BD) format right away.

Following the recent claims made by Sony Electronics executives regarding co-work with Microsoft on creation of Blu-ray disc add-on for Microsoft Xbox 360 game console, or even a version of the game system with BD drive inside, Microsoft said that no decision has been made so far.

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decapitator3506d ago

Seems we probably wont see that BD add on for 360 anytime soon. Maybe it will come included in the next console from Microsoft.

Lord Vader3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

I hope it's on the nextbox for sure, I dont care for "add-on's" myself. If you guys do, then more power to you.

I have my PS3 for BluRay.

M1am1U3506d ago

although I think the possibility of an add-on is pretty likely at some point this gen.

MURKERR3506d ago

microsoft have to wait until the components are cheap enough due to the fact releasing one soon would be in the £200 mark, add a hundred pound more you could get a ps3

Mighty Boom3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

Translation...... There is one in the works!

Danja3506d ago

im sure M$ will include a BR add on for the 360 b4 years end....

tweaker3506d ago

If they happen to fix the heating issues and integrate a built-in BR player, consider me sold. I'll sell my old one and buy this one in heartbeat.

polow got sol3506d ago

If the next xbox has a built in BD drive the ps4 will have no chance.

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The story is too old to be commented.