Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Gameplay Reveal Date Rumored to be Outed

GR - "The Battlefield community has been tipped off to the reveal date of BF4's multiplayer."

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KillNr3load141906d ago

Could this be the battlefield 3 premium video of march?

Neixus1906d ago

no, the premium video is released, it's basicly EA going over all the bf3 DLCs, thinking about how much money they made from it.

josephayal1906d ago

this truly the next generation of warfare

Donnieboi1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Looks like BF 3.5 to me, I hope this next reveal focuses on what's new. I'm seriously starting to get bored of shooters, but it's not because they suck, it's because they need something new. BF is new to a lot of people, but for a long-time veteran like me (been playing since the first game all the way up to BF3), it feels like I been-there, done-that already.

Neixus1906d ago

they haven't shown the multiplayer, and based on the singleplayer, they have changed alot. from a boring,linear shooter, to a more open,hollywood shooter (whether you like it or not)

But i don't care about singleplayer,i just get upset when people bash just for the sake of it.

Donnieboi1906d ago

Nah i'm not intending on bashing. i'm just sick of being bored. I dunno what it is but shooters don't grab me anymore. It's like, once your good at shooters, no other shooter is challenging anymore because their all essentially the same: Aim and shoot. If your good at that (like I am) then all shooters start to blend into looking like the same damn game. Yes, I'm aware that bf3 has vehicles, but the shooting is the main event. And frankly i'm just losing interest. Maybe it's time for fresh ideas (vehicles seem fresh to the COD crowd, but I been playing BF games for damn near 10 years) so it aint new to me anymore.

HammadTheBeast1906d ago

Still pretty linear. If you played BF2's single player, it was intense. Like multi player, but still pretty good.

ZigZagLagger1906d ago

I'm sure the MP will be a treat.

HammadTheBeast1906d ago

I agree, BF need something new and innovative. For example, a War mode, where each player controlled 4 characters each, and could use one, while the other 3 were AI. Make it 64 players.

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