Mirror's Edge First Look - ActionTrip

For the past several months, EA stood behind many projects, continuing its promised effort to deliver innovative games to the PC and console market. The problem is that most of the games recently released by EA haven't exactly delivered on that promise. The company's strategy to "innovate" has backfired in many cases, hence EA quite literarily succeeded in ruining a few very popular franchises - think Need for Speed: Pro Street, SimCity Societies, etc.

However, as much as ActionTrip is reserved about EA's inclination to drill for originality in exhausted game licenses, it seems there are certain projects on the horizon, which definitely could bring something unique to the world of video games.

The name Mirror's Edge has been circling the Web for more than a year. It wasn't until recently that EA decided to treat ActionTrip to in-game media, as well as more information on what this secretive project is about.

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