New Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo Showcases Tons of Detail

"A new tech demo for Epic Games’ next generation Unreal Engine 4 has been released. And while it may not show any particular game at work, it does reveal an extraordinary amount of detail and lighting effects. Check it out above."

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GiggMan1849d ago

Tech demo? That would be a bad ass game!

Th3 Chr0nic1849d ago

Such thinking is how Aliens Colonial Marine was born

Conzul1849d ago

Meh, this makes me with Prey 2 hadn't been cancelled.


thechosenone1849d ago

And it's running on a single 680.

silenius1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Will bring more new IPs...
The ones we already have start to get saturated.
(Im looking mostly at you MS. Give me again the reason to like your console as you did in 2006)

gamefiles1849d ago

lol wiiU can do this and more

Spenok1849d ago

Thank you for the HD link btw :D

MaxXAttaxX1849d ago

has such a wide range of colors


starchild1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

If this doesn't get people pumped about what will be possible next generation on consoles and PCs then I don't know what will.

That looks vastly beyond anything we currently see in real-time graphics, yet we really will be getting that quality soon.


People like you are too stupid for words. The colors used are an artistic decision and have nothing to do with the engine.

MaxXAttaxX1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

And you were too stupid to realize I wasn't being completely serious. It just seems to be a recurring "artistic decision" by Epic. That's why it's funny. I know the Unreal engine is capable of more color. But it's funny that they'd choose a near monochromatic look to show off their engine...and games. It's like a running gag Epic plays on themselves.

Sorry you took it so seriously. Didn't mean to offend.
Gears and Xbox FTW! We cool now? K we cool.

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angelsx1849d ago

Yeah.We have seen many demos but in gameplay it's not same.

fermcr1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )


Take the idea and U4 engine of this teck demo and make a full fledged movie (or game).

3-4-51849d ago

If that was a 2 hour long movie I'd watch it for sure.

Scenarist1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

whats killing me is the fact that its running on a single GTX680 in real time.... which means PC gamers could have been had this level of graphics years ago.
but it took for consoles to upgeade their hardware before anyone upgraded their engines...

of course no engine has lived up to its own hype in actual gamplay im still waitin on the game from the ue3 demo with the guy that morphs

zebramocha1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Right consoles held this level of graphics back,not the fact there is no standard for gaming PCs,drives problems,API overhead and every two years there is a new gpu gen,no,none if that contributes to being held back but consoles.

MaxXAttaxX1849d ago

I've been saying that PC gaming has become somewhat dependent on consoles in this aspect for a while now. Especially for most multiplatform games. High-end PCs haven't been living up to their potential for this reason (aside from mods), so I haven't bothered with them since I get a very similar(almost the same) experience on consoles.

violents1849d ago

I understand what you mean by consoles holding back the pc world a little. But in all honesty its a necessary evil. Some people dont have the money or the know how to invest in a gaming rig, so the right choice for them is a console since its all plug and play. The develpers increase their fanbases and even tho develpment cycles may be stunted a little by consoles, the increased revenues of those fanbases make better games in the future for all platforms. So just be patient young skywalker the awsomeness will eventually catch up to your PC. But youll be able to upgrade!

Th3 Chr0nic1849d ago

it has nothing to with technology but everything to do with money. consoles getting higher sales so they lead for that simple fact. if everyone bought gaming PC then it would jump to the top and be lead platform.

blame it on DLC sales.....seriously

Ezz20131848d ago

"its running on a single GTX680"

"which means PC gamers could have been had this level of graphics years ago."

hmmmm..can some one tell me the year GTX680 was launched ?!

Zhipp1848d ago

There was at least one card superior to the 680 back in 2011. Sure, it was expensive, but it existed.

papashango1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

necessary evil?

DLC, Season Passes, Microtransactions, Paying to play online, yearly iterations of the same game, The constant "streamlining" that killed franchises like Dragon Age and Rainbow Six.

The catering to the demographic that's holding back games like Mirror's Edge in favor of your Michael Bay linear hallway shooters filled with quick time events and cutscene triggers.

Developers and publishers are so obsessed with the console money that they are just cloning each others games, CoD, Homefront, Crysis, Medal Of Honor, Killzone,

No it's not a necessary evil. I don't play much shooters anymore unless they bring something new to the table like DayZ.

I won't even get started on this "social gaming" crap they've bought into. Everyone's on this quest to be the gaming facebook they are losing touch with reality. Focusing on women as the new core market...Come on man really?

PC Gamers I'm sure remember microsofts vision for pc gaming.
I'm pretty sure we have Xbox live to thank for this one.

Scenarist1848d ago


"hmmmm..can some one tell me the year GTX680 was launched ?! "

Before the GTX 680 came out there was the 590
or u go SLI580's or whatever ..

more power than the GTX 680 ...years ago

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bryam19821849d ago

finally a unreal game that dosent look like everything is make of clay lol

Eyeco1849d ago

either that or plastic.

Kennytaur1849d ago

Still looks a bit like shiny plastic...

Ippiki Okami1849d ago

"lol wiiU can do this and more"

Mark Rein confirms it can't.

Sandmano1849d ago

Yeah, I could a really cool vibe from this demo should be a game!

NegativeCreepWA1849d ago

It could be a game, Gears was originally shown as a tech demo.

josephayal1849d ago

not a demo, looks like a PS3 Exclusive

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bayonetta1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

damn that was awesome

cyclindk1849d ago

Wow, the whole time I just wanted there to be a Matrix game where you go from "Jacked-In" in the Matrix with super human powers to out in the real world fighting some faction of the machines that didn't want peace using mechs and hovercraft and all that.


KionicWarlord2221849d ago

Imagine if aliens vs predator was like this.

Great tech demo.