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EG:If there's any developer ready to give brand new console hardware a fair shake, it's Criterion Games. From Burnout Paradise to its celebrated reinventions of the Need for Speed series, the studio has an impeccable record turning in tightly matched games on 360 and PS3 platforms alike, with no-one left wanting. With the hotly anticipated Wii U version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted it aims to go one better. By no means a straight port, the boat is being pushed out much further this time with its suite of unique GamePad features, improved PC-grade textures courtesy of the console's 1GB of RAM, and a greatly revamped approach to its night-time lighting.

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Jadedz1907d ago

Are developers off-loading sound to the Wii U's DSP? I believe that Wii U ports are still brute forced (coded without benefit to the Wii U's hardware), though the only thing developers are taking advantage of (concerning the Wii U) is the extra ram.

lilbroRx1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Techically(going from what Neogaf has found) the Wii U CPU should actually be more poweful for games than the 360's CPU, because 1 and 1/2 or possibly even 2 of the 3 cores of the 360's processor are unusable for games. They are used to process the sound, music and the OS. The Wii U has a DSP, like you said, and an ARM coprocessor for those things.

For them to properly use the Wii U's CPU they would also have to rewrite the code to spread the instructions evenly across all 3 Expresso cores which would require completely throwing out the other console versions code as the 360 version was not using 3 and the PS3 only uses 1 core with 6 SPU's. The architectural/feature differences make a huge impact on performance if they are not optimized. They clearly didn't do that, nor did they take advantage of the GPGPU features.

Also, another strange thing about the car limit is that it should be more influenced by RAM size than CPU power. This, combined with the geometry and non-lighting effects being the "exact same" mean that they didn't do all they could for this port.

Of course, the Wii U and Nintendo will be given the blame for the discrepancies as opposed to the dev like always...

Jadedz1907d ago

You went all technical in dis #[email protected]%&!

Ha ha, thanks for the infomation.

Starfox-171907d ago

The wiiu cpu is very powerful m8 its the 1st cpu to use eDram as cache and lots of it,it does out of order execution,and its cores are more powerful than the jaguar cores by at least x2 the wiiu cpu is very capable.

aceitman1907d ago

look at the 2:09 mark at the mountain in the background looks like the ps3 has better draw distance then wii u and wiiu better than 360 .

gpturbo811907d ago

i own this game, its better in all aspects. as long as it plays smoothly who gives a fuck about specs. the nitpicking on this website is ridiculous. any good wii u article gets turned into a specs debate. fucking retarded!

hollabox1907d ago

Xbox 360 CPU should smoke the Wii Us, only 1 of 6 threads is used for sound, the OS only takes up 2 percent of the Xbox 360 total power. On average I can't see Xbox sound and OS foot print using more than 20 percent of Xbox total power or about two thirds of one core.

The one downside about the Xbox CPU is the in-order CPU architect. Wii U is out of order core, but even so the performance per core is greater than the Wii U. Anandtech has a great article Nintendo is being shy about their specs so we have to wait and see, even so developers have complained about their slow CPU, not heard the same about the Xbox 360.

hollabox1907d ago

According to this article
Wii CPU can only muster 33 GFLOPS, twice as slow as the Xbox 360 reported 77 GFLOPS or so.

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diddybeats1907d ago

I think the player thing is just down to the fact there will be less people online on Wii U and nothing more really.

lilbroRx1907d ago

Miiverse would like to have a word with you.

ElectricKaibutsu1907d ago

I think you're right. I can't imagine why the Wii U could handle every other aspect of the game fine except for two extra people in online. Wouldn't that only be limited by bandwidth and EA's servers? It makes more sense to me that Criterion would lower the number from 8 to 6 to keep people from having to wait for more people to join.

MasterCornholio1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Its good to see that Criterion did a pretty good job with the Wii U version of the game. However its disappointing that a next gen console cant even run this game at 720P and that the texture quality isnt on the same level as the PCs.

"There's a slim, 8-pixel high border to both the top and bottom of the output, which reduces the effective resolution to the familiar 1280x704 value spotted in our last analysis."

"In this sense, the Wii U offers something of a middle ground between the PC version at maximum texture quality and that which we've already seen on consoles."

More developers should spend more time on developing games on the Wii U.


"Of course, the Wii U and Nintendo will be given the blame for the discrepancies as opposed to the dev like always..."

It is Nintendos fault in this case because they are the ones who designed the hardware that makes up the Wii U. Unless of course your saying that the Wii U is on par with other next gen systems which i find hard to believe. Also Nintendo shouldn't have made the Wii U so difficult to develop games for they should have listened to the developers (like Sony) and produced a console with a simplified architecture and extremely good development tools.

But hey if it makes you feel any better Sony really messed up with the PS3 by making it a pain in the neck for developers.

Kennytaur1907d ago

Seems like Nintendo is doing it again. The Wii didn't even output games at full 480p, because they wanted to save bandwidth by removing part of the image that was lost in overscan on TVs. Problem is, when your TV or monitor doesn't overscan, you're left with black borders.

I hope this won't be the case with most Wii U games and that it's simply a choice by Criterion (perhaps due to the DDR3 VRAM).

Starfox-171907d ago

Read this u fanboy.

6x the speed with very little effort with 1 core ?

ElectricKaibutsu1907d ago

Some people are saying the game looks great, other people are saying the game doesn't look good enough. In the end I think Criterion did an excellent job porting a game to a system they have no experience with. Let's just give credit where credit's due and say Criterion made a fun game that's pretty and runs well.

Starfox-171907d ago

These guys need to accept that WiiU is extremely powerful end of look this games was built ground up on pc and wiiu version is a port so a ground up wiiu version would easy be 720p 60fps or more with much better graphics than this if you can achieve this in a few months ??? it's common sense,Digital foundry need to realise you cant compare specs from anything out there to wiiu its new tech basically its an extreme memory heavy design with powerful eDram cache ect no one except devs that push the console know what it can do ???? FACT.

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