Ex-Square Enix Developer Writes Defense of Recently Axed Boss

Yoichi Wada, Square Enix's president, is stepping down. The news came as a surprise. Wada has been Square Enix's only president since Square and Enix joined forces. Some are happy about this. Others are not.

Online in Japan, an individual claiming to have worked, until recently, at Square Enix as a programmer wrote a post about Wada's departure. The post isn't an attack on Wada, but rather, it seems to be a defense written in the wake of another Japanese site trashing Wada.

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zerocrossing1854d ago

Defending Wada, yeah... good luck with that one guys xD

Ranma11853d ago

Wada stepping down. Title should be more clear !!!

This is great mews

kratos1231854d ago

"If anything, Wada's mistake, his weakness was that because he loved and cherished his developers so much that he put too much trust in them," the post continued.

That's why, the post continued, there were huge projects that needed to be ended or important people that needed to be let go, but weren't.

This explains why we were getting ff13 and why the nightmare game didn't end.

Plus i see this as a good thing the man didn't know what the fans were asking for and he kept pumping out lame final fantasy titles.

Were he should have kicked out toriyama and let more talented people do their thing.

And dont get me started on FF14, i am still surprised it took them this long to fire him

LordHiggens1853d ago

I will be hanged for posting this, but ever since I saw this post about Wada being terminated...I've seen a lot of, "YAY WE CAN GET A FFVII REMASTER NOW!!!" I do not want this. With this Square that we have now they will only muck it up. Wada was right on one count...and that is they need to create a Final Fantasy that surpasses all expectations and is true the ways of the old ones. Only in that instance can a remaster of FFVII be remotely possible. I'd rather replay it on my ps3 in all it's blocky glory than have it tarnished and destroyed for this new generation who never got the chance to play this wonderful game.

DragonKnight1853d ago

You're forgetting that Nomura still works at SE and that he was the director for FFVII. Of course, Sakaguchi was there to steer the game in the right direction, but Nomura was deep into its development as it was his first huge game that he worked extensively on for Squaresoft. Nomura handling an FFVII remake would keep the integrity of the original guaranteed.

LordHiggens1853d ago

You are correct, but there is no guarantee that he will work on said remake if it ever happened...that's what worries me.

wishingW3L1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

the director of FF7 was Kitase. The designer Sakagushi. Nomura was the artist but he had some minor inputs on the story too.

Nomura's first big game was Kingdom Hearts.

DragonKnight1853d ago

@wishingW3L: Damn, you're right. My bad. I had heard he had a major role beyond just being the character designer. Either way, his role at SE has improved since then so I'm sure he'd still be good for a remake.

Baka-akaB1853d ago

I'm not a member of the let's remake FF7 band wagon either . Wasnt ears ago , still aint .

Not only because i'm not convinced it's a good idea whoever produce and direct it . At least not yet .

But also because i'd rather have those ressources directed at new games instead , FF or otherwise from Square .

So what if people think XIII sucked , doesnt mean we should go back instead to full on nostalgia instead of trying new games till it finally gets good again

DragonKnight1853d ago

Wasting money on bad games until they get it right is incredibly inefficient and foolhardy though. I'm all for new games, but it is a pretty large consensus that SE's Past is still superior to its Present and possibly Future. We shouldn't have to suffer through terrible games in the hope they will finally return to their senses and realize what made them great in the first place.

Baka-akaB1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

It's not a necessity to suffer through terrible game hoping it gets better . Not what i mean . I just think that retreating into FF7 isnt going to help .

New quality games are a better use of their time and ours imo

wishingW3L1853d ago

Square has nothing to go back to. Most of their talented developers already left the company. What they need is a miracle in finding new talents other than Nomura.

Lykon1853d ago

I never played ffvii . Is it really good then? I remember trying to play a ff game on ps2 once and i lasted about 15 minutes . it was like a cartoon character at either end of the screen . and they would move slightly and then some numbers would come up. i was like wtf ! but i can sense that people really really really really love these games . i want to connect with some of that pleasure. How can i connect with it? I like pleasure.

wishingW3L1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

to play FF7 now you'll need lots of imagination because the game's ugly and archaic as hell. It's impossible to play it without the nostalgia goggles at this point. It aged terribly bad.

I played it for the first time a couple of years ago but I'm used to those graphics since I still play old games once in a while but people that only play current gen games... They will not be able to digest it.

rainslacker1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

The story is really good, and the game play is excellent. I would suggest if your going to play it try it on a portable with a smaller screen. Either that or play it on a old CRT TV if you have one available.

Wishing is right that the game is hard to stomach visually on a HDTV(particularly a bigger one). I routinely play older games, and this one is rather jarring with regards to how it's aged.

If you want to play an older FF game, then FF8 or FF9 is better in the visual department, but FF7 is still a classic worth investing time in getting to know.

The Great Melon1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

You and I feel the same. I didn't play FFVII as a kid, so it is difficult for me to appreciate the game as many others do. I want to enjoy it, but it just feels too clunky for me. I have been spoiled by newer games. =(

Some games just seem to age better than others. I only just played Metal Gear Solid this generation, but the graphics didn't bother me a bit. In fact, because I was a Nintendo die hard back then, the voice acting blew me away (N64 never had much in the way of voices).

-Gespenst-1853d ago

I partly agree, although I don't think they should remake it at all. It's fine the way it is. I think a remake would retroactively spoil the original. It's the retroness of that game that actually makes it awesome- the memorable pre-rendered backdrops, the unique quality of the midi sounds Uematsu made use of, the silence of the characters, the character models themselves. I honestly wouldn't have any of that stuff any other way. Call it nostalgia but I think it's all magical and I still do today.

What they SHOULD do, is firstly, like you say, make a truly exceptional Final Fantasy game, and then, make a VII-2- something which they've obviously had a mind to do ever since the cliffhanger in Dirge of Cerberus. I mean what else was the compilation of VII for?

Maybe Versus will be that exceptional Final Fantasy game, and they make a VII-2 in a similar vein.

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Root1853d ago

I don't get it....we've wanted Wada gone for years and now that he has...well I just thought people would be making a bigger deal over it, I think I saw one article on it on here.

Thought it would be a hot topic or something

r211853d ago

Dont worry, everyone is celebrating and in anticipation of FFvs13 and KH3 finally being released. No more Lightning saga!

Baka-akaB1853d ago

At this point most people are burned out and not sure it truly changes anything . Especially when you hear the blames and excuses from Wada and consort .

There s no sense or feeling yet than anything has changed over at SE , for the moment , only that the major screw up is finally gone .

Tdmd1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Me too! I've read about this on facebook and then, I've come here to see how fans would react to the news. To my surprise, I saw no reaction at all! Not a single article about it!

DaThreats1853d ago

He may be nice but JRPGS been missing and about all were failures

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