Editorial: The Most Effective Rating There Is

There has always been controversy around the video game ratings system (and movies too). Many people disagree with the ratings games are given, or games have to be censored to reach a desirable rating, or retailers get busted for not being strict enough when it comes to who they sell the games to. Whether it's a senator, the ESRB themselves, or more likely the infamous Jack Thompson, there is always enough blame being sent around.

But it seems that among the many groups that can help prevent children from accessing content meant for older and more mature audiences, there is one that is continually left off the hook and forgotten:

The parents.

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VigorousApathy3664d ago

How's a parent who knows nothing about video games going to do anything? It would be easy for me to know what games my hypothetical kid can play, but my parents have no concept.

Kids can get any game they want anyway these days without their parents.

hotzizzy3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )
That can still be an effective guide, but if the parent pays attention to how it relates to their kid and reads just a few reviews, it's much more effective than just buying or refusing to buy based on the simple letter rating it is given.

Also, you say your parents "have no concept," and that's part of the problem - most parents have no idea what they're getting their kids. Unless they educate themselves and know their kids well they are as much to blame as the rest, but it's always the games stores or the developers or the ESRB that end up having to deal with it.