What Makes A Good Demo?

Kimo looks at demos and how they need to be in order to make us want more.

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VTKC1881d ago

An honest Demo. a Demo that demonstrates the overall in what the game will play like in the final product. and if its a game heavily based on multiplayer then have it available.
But never demonstrate the game in a way that does not resemble the final product. No clues on who I am referring to as of recently.

yokokoroma1881d ago

A good demo should do what it's meant to, which is "demonstrate" how a game will play in it's final form. The most important aspect being the gameplay mechanics. I also agree with the post above, about a game's multiplayer aspect. If a game has a multiplayer component, then the demo should demonstrate that as well. The end goal is to allow the gamer to gauge what the complete game would be like. Thus, the developer should present a demo as close as possible to the finished product.