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Valve’s (Probably) Imminent Train Wreck Called Half-Life 3

Valve is perhaps the most beloved publisher / developer in the world right now, and for good reason. The constant influx of quality games, fabulous customer relations and a business model that does not feel like giving a blowjob to 500 pound rednecks named Buck in the back of a convenience store for games are all very positive things. However, Valve has set themselves up for the biggest backfire in the history of gaming, and it's called Half-Life 3. (Half Life 3, PC, Valve)

pissed999  +   917d ago
Halflife 3 will backfire because Valve usually make terrible games. True story.
Loki86  +   917d ago
Not sure if serious?
Moncole  +   917d ago
Do you know what a troll is?
Diver  +   917d ago
Oh this game is gonna crash like the Challenger because there is no way it can succeed.

If you dont think this game is going to have issues just watch when it comes out and every little turd with a blog site that thinks he's a journalist will tell you about ever thing Valve did wrong.

The game will be great but you'll never know because all the kids that were still in diapers or their dads sack when the first game came out are gonna enlighten all of us idjits with their opinions an make a huge deal over all the fail in the game.

The worse part is real gamers will let these crap websites getaway with it.
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Mounce  +   917d ago
It's sorta obvious that pissed is using Massive sarcasm since no one can say which game is infact terrible, he didn't give examples. Thus:

It was a joke.

Hurpdurpdurp to ALL the people who gave pissed999 disagrees for not detecting sarcasm.
DeadSpaced  +   917d ago
Aw heeeeeeeell naw.
Kanzes  +   917d ago
He's trolling
NastyLeftHook0  +   917d ago
dude, sweet avatar LOL
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Knight_Crawler  +   917d ago
Duke Nukem all over again.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   917d ago
You know what, I'll give you a thumbs up just because of your avatar pic and I'll pretend you just said something good.
RockmanII7  +   917d ago
Half Life 3 will suffer because people have impossible expectations for it. I see it being like Diablo 3 if it's released (minus Error 37), while a good game every time it's compared to its predecessor it will be in a negative way.
Theo1130  +   917d ago
"Half Life 3 will suffer because people have impossible expectations for it"

That didn't stop Bioshock infinite from being a fantastic game. I don't know at this point, I want the game, but gamers act like the most entitled spoiled brats. Valve take the time to make their games fantastic, but half the time it sounds like the fans want them to CoD it and release it every year, make up your damn minds.
RockmanII7  +   917d ago
Look at kikoano below us, that's what I'm talking about. He's automatically assuming HL3 will be better than HL2 and HL2 is already considered one of the best video games ever. Bioshock was a very well received game, but even Infinite wasn't on the level of expectation that Half Life 3 will be on when it gets made.
-Gespenst-  +   917d ago
I disagree.

#1. It's gotten to a point at which people have kind of cooled off about Half Life. Obviously they still love it, but the hype for the third game was definitely higher a few years ago. Point being the game'll probably surprise us.

#2. Duke Nukem Forever sucked because it was a bad game, not because it was overhyped. Granted it's history might've discouraged the developers a bit, but it was still an awful game. I wouldn't expect a subpar game from Valve, we're not talking about Gearbox or Blizzard here. Valve trounce both those companies. I mean think how good Portal 2 was. I expect Valve will try to make an equivalent leap with HL3.
Linsolv  +   917d ago
It's sad that before they were picked up by Activision, I would have put Blizzard on-par with where I think of Valve and the other very few developers I reasonably trust (Paradox is the only other one that comes immediately to mind, and then only really for their grand strategy games). But then they did get bought, and the success of WoW kept them alive at Activision, but it killed the spark of "what could have been" if they'd been fired and put together a company from the ashes.
aliengmr  +   917d ago
While the possibility exists that HL3 couldn't live up to expectations, its not a certainty.

IMO Valve is actually well aware of that which is why we haven't seen it yet.
jXales  +   917d ago
dafuq title?
kikoano  +   917d ago
Hl3 will be the best game.Hl1 was good,hl2 was better and hl3 will be best.
NYC_Gamer  +   917d ago
I'll be so happy once HL3 is announced
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FlyingFoxy  +   917d ago
Saying Half Life 3 is going to suck is like saying Nintendo is going to make a bad Mario or Luigi game. (the new Luigi's mansion on 3DS by the way is brilliant!) So never going to happen.

I personally can't wait for Source engine 2 and all the other great games like Left 4 Dead 3 or whatever, to play online. I think there will be a huge difference in the Physics engine, or hoping at least.

Valve make awesome games, and they definitely aren't overrated like some console FPS's i know. The minute they announce a release date for the first Source 2 game i will be buying a top end video card to play 1080P 60fps or even 120fps on my new 120hz monitor, but anything over 60 will suit me fine.

Bring it on Valve!
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FarCryLover182  +   917d ago
I bet Half-Life 3 will come in 2014. Around the anniversary of HL2.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   917d ago
Theyre making half life 3 so that they can have an exclusive game of their own on Steambox. But in my opinion they should just be developers making games on all consoles and it will still benefit them. You know why I think another console is a bad idea?? Simple. It will slow development time of multiplat games. Why? because instead of developing a game for just 3 consoles, sony, microsoft, nintendo, another platform will be added so more time for programming and coding since all console systems have different architecture. And we gamers dont want to wait so long for a game. If development cycle is 2-3 years. it will be 4yrs above if a fourth console will join in. Exclusives are not affected but multiplats will be. So I know you guys get my simple logic
starchild  +   917d ago
The Steam Box doesn't have a different architecture. It's just a PC in a box. As are the PS4 and next Xbox.
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   917d ago
Without half life it would've taken a lot longer to get where were at now. FPS's might even still be corridor shooters.

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