Microsoft Confirms Going with Bluray

Just two days back, we reported that Sony is busy wooing Microsoft to add Blu-ray support to its Xbox 360 gaming console.

The effort's paid off (or so it seems) -- with Microsoft now confirming that it's trying to figure out the best way to connect with Blu-ray. The company also seems to be working on ways to include device driver support for Blu-ray drives in its Windows operating system.

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LaChance3659d ago

Is it MSFT begging Sony for Bluray or is it Sony begging MSFT to put bluray on the 360 ?

The Closing3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

It's business for ya.

All I have to say is if by the end of this generation M$ doesn't fix their hardware issues, and sony doesn't fix their software issues they better darn well team up on the next gen. PlaystationX, can you imagine that beast? Thing would be unstoppable.

edit: People so eager to disagree on part of blind loyalty without a single thought for themselves. God forbid we the consumer get a superior system from huge multi billion dollar corporation's who only care about your dirty dollar. You act as if it's your grandma. Good lord people. Think.

Shadow Flare3659d ago

the hell would sony beg ms to include bluray in the 360 for?

Danja3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )


besides i dont think M$ can just include a Blu Ray drive in the 360..that would just screw them the end , what about the 18 mill base who has a DVD drive built in there 360..?

decapitator3659d ago

Sony could careless. Am pretty sure is Microsoft begging Sony for BD tech.

Danja3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

I agree Sony doesn't really care do you think that Sony would give up the the biggest advantage the PS3 has over the 360 so easily..?

I think what the article meant was that M$ wants to include Blu Ray into it's Windows systems..not really the 360..


did you really need to make the same post in both sections...and Sony will gets royalities off M$ either way due to Blu Ray live with.

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prunchess3659d ago

It was only a matter of time before this happened. So much for the next incarnation of the xbox getting a built in HD-DVD drive for xbox games.

Are we going to see xbox games on Bluray in the future? I think so....

Wingnut263659d ago

The 360 won't have Bluray games, but the next one is more likely.

Feihc Retsam3659d ago

I doubt we will ever see an XBox360 with a Blu Ray drive. It's not cost effective, and the Xbox360 has done great so far without worrying about HD Movies. I think they will keep to their mantra of "Games Games Games". Maybe an external add-on is in the works, but I doubt it will be built in. Just my opinion. Fire away

sonarus3659d ago

You do know Xbox 360 sales are declining right? I am glad finally saw the future is blu i wonder how long it will take for the rest of the xbox followers to jump in.

MURKERR3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

and pay sony its royalties is what alot of people will be saying and infact what microsoft will have to do.

personally i think its little to late when you consider the price it will come at, ps3 has blu-ray built in from the start and more IMPORTANTLY its games are bluray.

say what you like about sony BUT bluray was a shrewd business move and getting royalties from your competitor to use your medium really is the cherry on top

Feihc Retsam3659d ago

Although Microsoft would be paying (Samsung probably) for the Blu Ray drive, and Samsung will be paying SONY the royalties for Blu Ray, it will hardly come close to all of the royalties that SONY pays annually to Microsoft... This isn't about Royalties.
SONY pays Microsoft with every Vaio it sells that runs WINDOWS, and every SONY/Ericsson phone running windows mobile. Not to mention any Microsoft developed Codecs that aid in the Blu Ray decoding process.

MURKERR3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

microsoft have confirmed there talking to sony not samsung so common sense tells me that sony will be getting royalties direct.

its business and you seem offended that microsoft have to pay sony and im confused why? are you getting any shares from the deal? i doubt it, sony pay microsoft for windows, microsoft have to pay sony for bluray, business is business

and who cares how sony will be recieving its royalties from microsoft? it could go through ten different companies fact of the matter is microsoft are in talks with sony not samsung and included in them talks are how much chedder sony want for letting microsoft use their winning format you cant fight facts my friend!.

gonzopia3659d ago

"I doubt we will ever see an XBox360 with a Blu Ray drive. It's not cost effective, and the Xbox360 has done great so far without worrying about HD Movies."

It's not cost effective right now, but as Blu-ray starts to dominate the HD media market and prices drop, it will be. Also, as more games start being developed using higher resolution textures, more content, etc... putting games on Blu-ray will be a lot handier than using multiple DVDs.

Booyah3659d ago

...then if they changed their drives for the blueray, what will happen to the other 18mill users or so ?

player9113659d ago

I doubt it. They didn't include built in support for HD-DVD. What makes BR any more special? The lack of a built in drive of a different standard breaks compatibility. Developers won't want to make 2 different versions of games, or only make a game that a small portion of users can play.

Having a BR-Drive add-on is the most we'll see out of the 360. Maybe the next gen console will have it built in, but knowing MS... they'll prolly try to have some other crazy format built in.

I just know MS isn't stupid, breaking compatibility midway is retarded.

calis3659d ago

Suddenly MGS4 is possible on the 360.

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mighty_douche3659d ago

Arent all those quotes old? and isn't the headline a little misleading? maybe just me.

RealityCheck3659d ago

Talk is cheap. I'll believe it once it is out and available for purchase.