Origin Adds Console Games to Catalogue

Electronic Arts’ Origin platform has been the subject of much grievance since its launch, as it seems many PC distribution services are next to the might of Valve’s Steam. However, Electronic Arts aren’t about to give up on their web store, now adding physical items to the catalogue; namely console videogames.

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BiggCMan1821d ago

They have allowed you to buy physical PS3 and 360 games on Origin for as long as I can remember o.O Why is this said to be new?

mathsman1821d ago

This is true of North America. Other territories? Not so much.

Robotronfiend1821d ago

To answer your question I quote from the article, " the UK the addition of console titles is certainly a new experiment".

pissed9991821d ago

People like Valve. Nobody likes EA.

Robotronfiend1821d ago

Apparently there are three people who either like EA or suffer from chronic disagreetardism. I should develop a pill for that.

pissed9991821d ago

People who work for EA dont count as people who like EA.