Early Bird GTA IV Offer

Xbox have released a offer that many fans of the GTA franchise cannot refuse. They have offered that if you pre-order the game through select retailers, you'll receive a bonus 500 Microsoft Points absolutely FREE – save them up for downloadable episodes that will be released soon. You'll also receive codes to download exclusive GTA IV gamerpics too.

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mighty_douche3754d ago

That's a good offer, basically £5 off right? I guess they want to encourage as many 360 owner's as possible to buy it, they need something back for their £50 million, more owner's now means more downloader's later.

This is great for R*, Sony and MS (more so) are going to push this game so hard in a bid to out do each other, R* can sit back and reep the reward's!

MURKERR3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

this is the biggest event for microsoft its their halo for 2008 and its multi plat,apart from that the only other game for the whole of of 2008 is gears of war

sony has a roster of games for 2008 that i believe is their best since tthey entered the gaming market,which with bluray winning its just hard to see past sony this year.

i still stick with my opinion that microsoft should have held some titles back but they wanted to win this next-gen war so bad they peaked to soon and they ps3 is still here took it all on the chin and is now finding its feet.

thats my opinion we are all allowed them without it breaking out into an all out war (you know who you are) its not to offend its just how i see it this year and my view

socomnick3754d ago

Murkeer if you think this hype for gta 4 is big wait for gears 2 later this year. That launch will just be massive.

King20083754d ago

But I dont think Sony is counting on this 1 game as much as Microsoft is...I think Sony is more focused on Exclusive games. Just My Opinion. This game is gonna be great no matter which system so i'm looking forward to it.

Daz3754d ago

Nice pic there using. But the 4 pics soon be on the interent lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.