Project CARS - 'Waiting for the Dark' Community Trailer

DSOGaming: "User 'chromatic9' has released a new community trailer for Slightly Mad Studios' upcoming racer, Project CARS. This trailer features footage from the latest builds of Project CARS and looks fabulous."

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Cobain191213d ago

and the game keeps getting better and better. Love those rain drops

urwifeminder1213d ago

Looks great stunning even but the music sounds like a chicken being gutted just awful.

ElectricKaibutsu1213d ago

I cannot wait. Everything looks great, but that motion blur is just perfect.

mcstorm1213d ago

Really looking forward to this game. Im going to have to get the console version as I don’t own a pc for gaming any more but it looks like ill be getting the WiiU version as I want to see how a sim plays on the WiiU plus it sounds like they are giving the WiiU a good port. Its nice to see another developer push a sim game and also give Forza and Granturismo some more competition.

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