Final Fantasy Versus XIII Isn't Out, But This Cosplay Is

Where is Final Fantasy Versus XIII? It's right here in video game fandom, that's where.

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wishingW3L1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

what is wrong with Kotaku readers? What a bunch of elitists my god....

"I'm studying swordplay and archery and I've done extensive research on the evolution of the hand-and-a-half sword and heater shields and I'm forcing myself to practice with my left hand as much as I practice with my right and I'm working on conveying emotion without talking so I can cosplay *** LINK and some fat chick who puts in no effort gets more praise."

Pozzle1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Surely that's not a serious comment.

It...can't be. o.O

guitarded771882d ago

If it is, it makes it 10x funnier.

The sword props in the pics are amazing.

Qrphe1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Not really Kotaku users in itself but that's how the more serious aka "professional" cosplayers take cosplaying; they take it to autistic levels.

uuaschbaer1882d ago

Sorry to break it to you guys but every human achievement in art, science or sport that is impressive was preceded by people making a serious effort. Go ahead and feel good about yourselves for never doing anything remarkable.

Alos881882d ago

You consider dressing up as a videogame character "remarkable"? You must be easy to impress.

uuaschbaer1882d ago

It seems difficult to do it convincingly, yes. If you think you can do it well without making an effort why don't you prove it?

Pozzle1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

But cosplay isn't always about having an amazing costume or acting exactly like the character or "extensive research on the evolution of the hand-and-a-half sword and heater shields".

Sometimes people just do it for fun. They just like dressing up, or going to a con, or taking photos dressed as their favorite characters. Which is what some people (like the commenter at Kotaku) seem to have missed.

uuaschbaer1882d ago

Yes, I agree. Although the part of his post that was quoted here, and the comments here, seemed to revolve around the exorbitant effort the guy claims to make, which I find quirky but delightful, and not mock-worthy. I'm not proposing that all cosplayers must be that fanatic.

-Gespenst-1882d ago

Totally agree with you uuaschbaer, but I'm just not sure you can say that about cosplay. Unless you're talking about the actual tailoring of the outfits, which can be impressive, but lets be honest, pretty much all cosplay looks totally lame.

uuaschbaer1882d ago

Yeah, I suppose it isn't fine art. You have to start somewhere, though.

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josephayal1882d ago ShowReplies(1)
DigitalRaptor1882d ago

How did I know this was a KOTAKU headline?

Man they can't help but stick the knife in can they? What's the point of phrasing a headline like this?

Roper3161882d ago

vaporware inspired cosplay, nice