Can Call of Duty Outmatch Battlefield 4?

"As I began watching the Battlefield 4 trailer the first thing that immediately hooked me was the scene when the group of soldiers were sinking underwater in a car, one of the men was stuck under a seat. It was an intense moment, because at any moment they could die if they do not get out of the drowning vehicle."

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iGAM3R-VIII1848d ago

Two different types of games. And if you think graphics set aside a game from a win and a lose, you are wrong. Also we do not know if those graphics are official but if they are and the gameplay from COD then I will see

Hufandpuf1848d ago

Activision stated that the demo the showed off were not in-game. So these are not the next COD's graphics.

HammadTheBeast1848d ago

They'd never be. The next CoD graphics may be from the same engine as last year, they're still making money, why not milk it one last time before the next Gen?

josephayal1848d ago

Call of Duty has an ABSOLUTE advantage over Battlefield because it includes every mode that Battlefield has

specialguest1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Except COD's conquest mode or something similar doesn't compare to BF3's conquest mode. In BF3 you have all sorts of vehicles and airplanes and it feels more like an all out war.

MYSTERIO3601848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

@josephayal So im guessing COD even has Tank superiority, Air superiority and scavenger modes?

Neixus1848d ago

well, then you could turn around and say that Battlefield got the same modes that cod have + squad dm, air superiority etc.

HammadTheBeast1848d ago

Rush says hi. Also, when you get destruction other than windows, and pilot able vehicles, then we'll talk. Till then, just find the most OP class, and keep grinding for useless kill streaks.

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