It’s “very possible” GameStop will die when PS4, Xbox 720 come out, says GameStop manager

In a Reddit AMA, a GameStop manager had grim thoughts about the company’s future saying GameStop could be doomed during the next-gen console era.

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Gametalk1789d ago

In my opinion, used games market should not die ...

Godmars2901789d ago

Tell that to people who buy PC games. there was only ever a small window when they first came out were they could be resold.

Lone_Man1789d ago

the article is focusing on dont go off the track..

jon12341789d ago

here come the pc elitist

Godmars2901789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

@jon1234 & Lone_Man:

Is it impossible for you two to think of anything other than yourselves?!

iGAM3R-VIII1789d ago

But the PS4 doesn't block used games so I do not know why he says PS4 and Xbox 720. AND HAVE SOME FAITH IN YOUR STORE YOU ARE THE MANAGER AND YOUR JOB IS TO PUT FAITH IN YOUR STORE

MikeMyers1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

"the article is focusing on dont go off the track.."

It isn't off-track considering consoles are becoming more and more like how PC gaming is. The PS4 for example is very much like a PC architecture and will have a hard drive. We are already seeing games only available in digital form on consoles as well. All first party titles from Sony and some 3rd party games are also trying to curb used sales by requiring an online code in the current generation. That will likely increase.

Majors1789d ago

As ive stated a few times before with used games, Places like Gamestop, Grainger games and Blockbusters.. They should be made to supply all used games with online codes, so the buyer is getting a full game no matter what.
If these companies buy codes on either scratch card or via till receipts then the developers will get something back for all used games sold.

darthv721789d ago

will continue to sell so long as there are people willing to buy. There are plenty of retro gamers who are looking for old school games from the 2600, colecovision, nes, snes, master system, turbografx...etc

Just because "new" systems may not support used games does not mean the market (in general) will die. I myself have been on the hunt for many games from even the PS2 and xbox days and i generally would find them at gamestop but it seems they are transitioning from even the PS2 generation to only carrying PS3, 360 and wii/wii-u generation of console titles.

Game trader is another outfit that is getting the older stuff when gamestop is no longer carrying it.

Then there is always flea markets or...ebay.

Godmars2901789d ago

The question isn't whether or not people will want used games, but how long will the mainstream used game market exist should they be blocked on the PS4 and Xbox3? That is the "bigger picture" people need to be concerned with if they want used games to continue.

Another limitation to this argument seems to be anyone asking what happens to Gamefly and game rentals. Publishers really miss the value and existence of that market. Gamers as well apparently.

MysticStrummer1789d ago

Does GameStop even sell PC games anymore in their stores? It's an honest question, I just don't remember seeing them in there for a long time.

Anyway, GameStop's shaky future has more to do with their own failure to keep up with market trends than new consoles. There are simply better ways to buy games now, so they need to adapt or die. I'm an old school gamer and still like to go in there to browse or buy, but I won't shed a tear if they go away.

Also, this is an article about consoles and GameStop, so bringing PCs into a console article yet again isn't going to get you good responses in general. Do console players constantly try to inject consoles into PC articles? Again, it's an honest question. I don't game on PC so I don't look at PC articles or comments, but it's incredible how often PCs get brought up in console articles.

kingPoS1789d ago

I hear you on that. GTA San Andreas is one of the few pc games that I've come across that lets you install with abandon. lol

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Muffins12231789d ago

Yes it should,or atleast be changed to where the developers get money for the bought used game

freezola751789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

I am with your sentiment @ Gametalk. However, I think it should definitely be revamped somehow.

Having been employed by Gamestop before (last time I was working there was in 2011), I have seen those ridiculous trade in offers for games be the major problems that gamers had with GS.

PC Gamers were getting shafted too... I forgot the reason that GS didn't do used PC games (something about a key code) but I remember we had two small endcaps for PC games where I was working,

I thought to myself, "they've gotta be kidding right?"... and as the years went by, the shelving for PC games all but diminished. I didn't understand that, still don't.

But to their credit, they have revamped their own power up rewards program to give you better deals, sort of.

That's because other places like Best Buy and Gamefly has begun to do their own trade in programs.

Also, I've noticed that majority of the GS stores were big Microsoft advertisers. Meaning they (MS) spent some serious money to promote the X-Box 360.

I think at that last Gamestop conference in Vegas, they were privy to some of those Next Gen plans which would effectively cripple their sales, spelling the end and the chopping block for 500 stores nationwide!

While I don't really have anything against used games at all, I seriously think that it could use a revamping -not a phasing out.

But brace yourselves gamers.. the time of used games most certainly hangs in the balance for us.


Sony3601789d ago

You worked at gamestop and have never heard of a CD key for a PC game?

Roper3161789d ago

I disagreed only because the devs / publishers don't get a cut. Less sales / profit for the dev / publisher means less games for us gamers which is a bad thing.

The only thing I buy from GameStop is PSN cards or consoles I would rather pick up electronics then order & have them ship UPS or Fed Ex.

What else bothers me is these people who buy used games complain when things like online passes are used. Well if it wasn't for people like them buying the used games and the devs / publisher were getting the money they deserve there would be no such thing as a online pass.

3-4-51789d ago

Once everybody freaks out and realizes they've been getting 90% of their niche games from Gamestop then people will realize their true value.

We need Gamestop for all the random unknown games they keep on the shelves 4-10 years from now.

I want to be able to go in and buy some games from 4-5 years ago at a decent price/ that most don't know about but are still good, or the limited releases from the RPG genre.

I'm not about to order all my games online.

If at 3pm on a Monday I want to play a specific game, it's nice knowing I can drive 8 minutes to Gamestop and go pick it up, and not have to wait a week to play a game I want to play NOW.

MuhammadJA1789d ago

People should stop being cheap and support the devs. The faster DD takes over, the better.

ajax171788d ago

Agreed. I used to be afraid of buying used games until I learned that blu-ray discs have a special coating that makes them more scratch resistant.

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DivineAssault 1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

I like buying used games & trading sometimes.. I support the devs that really deserve it at launch & buy used if im not sure about keeping it or not.. To me its better than renting them because if i like it, ill keep it.. If not, ill exchange it for something else i wanted..

Sony is giving devs the option to block games on the discs so some games might be playable but it might be rare.. U dont need to install or be online though so ill live.. I have a great internet connection but i dont want to be dependent on it.. There might be a outage or maintenance going on when i wanna play something...

MS might block ALL used games like PCs.. The rumors say that it installs all of em onto the HDD which means ppl will need LOTS of storage.. Also that always online thing just to play.. Bogus imo & i wont get it if true..

silkrevolver1789d ago

I switched to Amazon for physical releases anyway.
Screw Gamestop constantly trying to shove "disc insurance" down my throat.

Pro_TactX1789d ago

Seriously. The God of War 3 release was the last time I stepped foot in a GameStop. The clerk was so pushy about the disc insurance. I told her that I was always very careful with my discs, and that BDs were scratch-resistant anyway. She started arguing that point and I just had enough of it and left without buying the game.

I understand that employees have a job to do, and they are expected to push preorders and insurance, but when I say no, I mean no.

FunkMacNasty1789d ago

Really? I dunno what GameStop you and silkrevolver shop at, but disc insurance is like $3 dollars, so I don't know what incentive they would have to push scratch protection..

Also seems a bit odd that you were ready to leave with a high-profile new release, but suddenly decided against it because of a salesperson trying to sell additional services.. I guess you have a stronger conviction than me. I probably just woulda said "no" and left with the game rather than drive to somewhere else to pick it up, wondering if it was sold out.

Pro_TactX1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

I am the type of person who will walk out without buying a game purely on principal. The clerk became argumentative, and I don't have to deal with that. There are plenty of retailers at my disposal that will just let me buy a game I want, and respect my decision when I decline additional services.

Also, the incentive to sell $3 disc insurance is that it is almost pure profit. Odds are most people won't have an issue within the coverage period, which is especially true with scratch-resistant discs.

I am more than happy to drive elsewhere to get a game, or in the case of GOW3, order it from Amazon and wait a couple of days. I vote with my wallet.

Edit: It is important to note that the aforementioned encounter that day was not just one negative experience. It was just the last straw. I had several other negative experiences with GameStop prior to that. When I preordered Far Cry 2 for example, I came in the day after release (keep in mind GameStop is supposed to hold preorders for 48 hours), and the clerk tried giving me an opened disc. The manager told me that another employee had taken that copy home to play, so it didn't count as used. I ended up just getting a refund.

I gave GameStop a few strikes. I won't shop there again.

ItsMeAgain1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

The Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition was the last one I bought from GameStop. Can you believe that the person was putting on my purchase bag a pre-owned copy without even asking me? The only reason I got GT was because that edition included some of the DLC. If I had not paid attention and let her do that I would have been really pissed off when trying to input the code at home (since that code had probably been redeemed already).

Now, I buy anywhere but GameStop. One costumer, and more potential costumers lost. They better take a good look on how they are doing their business.

MysticStrummer1789d ago

lol Wow. They ask me if I want the insurance, I say no, and that's the end of that. They don't push preorders either, other than to ask me if I want to preorder anything while I'm there. Sounds like you found a real winner.

rainslacker1788d ago

It can be pretty hit or miss in the customer service side at GS. The one I go to regularly they never bother me because they know me. It's usually new employees that go off on those pushy tactics, and I've noticed that they tend to be young and likely have no sales experience to just know when people aren't going to buy.

I've had bad experiences at GS, but other than one time which was truly offensive(was literally called stupid for not wanting an Xbox back when the PS3 was first launched), I've always just felt it was lack of experience on the part of the employee. When your company has a high turn over, and typically hires younger people then it's to be expected. I've personally noticed the older employees, or the ones that you can tell have been there a while, usually know when no means no.

It's also worth pointing out that those pushy add on sales actually do work sometimes. For companies that rely on upsales to bring in more money, it's not about getting every customer to purchase one, it's about getting maybe 1 in 10 to purchase one. Same with McDonalds, Best Buy insurance things, or any other modern day retailer. I think you just had bad luck, or an asshole sales associate.

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TheTwelve1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

Gamestop angered me right at the beginning of this gen by their concerted effort to push the 360 down my throat. It was the bias that bothered me.

Then the whole thing about getting very little back from used infamous problem of theirs.

Then they completely screwed up my Vita pre-order. (lol)

I am done, done, done with Gamestop. Hopefully all of the people who work for them will find jobs again, if this grim prediction comes true.


greenpowerz1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

You mean GS tried to push to you what was newly hot at the time?

I remember when GS started doing that as well. Has nothing to do with your xbox allegiance implication? And everything to with what was the hottest item at the time, bringing most the people in the shops. They did it with Wii up until the Xbox 360 became the dominant console in NA.

They pushed PS2 on people when it was boss even in the earily part of this generation.

LMAO at the other comments in here. Suddenly blocking used games isn't a big deal because they buy their games on PSN anyways.

Gamestop charges almost full price for used games unless they're doing poorly on the shelf or past the interest point(kind of old in bens) Gamers wouldn't really be effected one way or the other.

TheTwelve1789d ago

That would be understandable "greenpowerz", but it went beyond just 360 promotion --- they would argue against me buying anything involving PS3!

I honestly thought, at one time, that Gamestop had it out for Sony.

All that has died down now, but this left a bad taste.


rainslacker1788d ago

Well green...when I was laughed at and literally called stupid for not wanting an Xbox back when it was "hot", then yeah I take offense to that.

I have nothing against any company pushing a product that is hot, but at the same time they have to understand that consumers make their purchases for their own reasons.

Back in the day I heard GS employees spewing all sorts of FUD about the PS3 and saying completely untrue things about the Xbox to make it seem better when asked about it by customers. So in this case it is wrong, because it is a disservice to the consumer.

It doesn't matter what your console allegiance is, when it comes to sales, the most important thing is to listen to what the consumer wants, and help them make their purchase to give them the best value for their money based on their criteria. For a company like gamestop, which arguably requires repeat business, it is not about getting the most up front.

Trunkz Jr1789d ago

One word: Blockbuster.

Nice knowing you Gamestop, you shouldn't rely on Used games.

BrianC62341789d ago

I already buy most of my games on PSN so it's almost there now. If all games are available digitally next generation it will be bad news for Gamestop.

ColeMacGrath1789d ago

For every retailer that sells video games actually not only gamestop.

BrianC62341789d ago

But most retailers aren't like Gamestop. They sell a lot of things. Gamestop is all about games. Target and Best Buy will have lots of other things to sell. Losing some sales from games won't hurt them much. They might even decide to not sell many anymore. They could free the space up for something else.

Darrius Cole1789d ago

But reducing the shelf space at stores would hurt the entire game industry, not just Gamestop and other video game speciality stores.

Stefanrules71789d ago

I hope you enjoy not being able to play your psn purchased games on the ps4 without having to buy them again, and get somebody to take a picture of your face when they shut down ps3 servers in a few years so you cant even play all those games on your ps3

Lesson - digital only is bullshit

Oschino19071789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

Anyone who has a Playstation Network Account also has a Sony Entertainment Network account. All of your purchases from music, movies, games, etc... Are all linked under a single account.

Expect in the comming years to has access of some sorts to any and all content you have purchased through Sony on all devices (smartphone, media player/blu ray, tvs, tablets, pc/laptops, playstation, etc...).

Only way I could see something not working is if the publishers/devs of the game shut the game down themselves. Sony isn't Microsoft, expect PS3 to be supported till 2016 with new content and who knows how much longer afterwards if demand is still there.

Sony has been working hard to bring all their divisions together under a common identity. Sony Entertainment Network is that, and it's only just starting, expect big things the next few years.

Sony loves to be at the leading edge when it comes to next gen entertainment/products. I see a totally unified network, top quality streaming with more content and devices in which to enjoy it then anyone else has to offer under a single brand.