Call of Duty's Graphics Aren't the Problem

BigBoxGaming- " Nobody dislikes Call of Duty’s graphics or art direction, it is the lack of innovation in the series and the perceived “copy and paste” mentality that has started to permeate gamer’s opinion of the franchise."

"Now that they've achieved this level of fidelity in visuals, maybe Activision can work on some gameplay mechanics. Just joking...but seriously."

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1nsaint1698d ago

" Nobody dislikes Call of Duty’s graphics or art direction "

Then i guess im nobody

zerocrossing1698d ago

The author probably means in comparison to the out dated game mechanics and 8+ year old gameplay, changing the visuals isn't going to help the franchise much.

1nsaint1698d ago

Ok, but still, graphics are part of the lack of innovation and are also out dated.

Graphics do add a lot to a game imo, sometimes when i'm playing old game i think; man this cutscene or whatever would have looked awesome with now a days graphics.

I still prefer a good art style over graphics though. Borderlands, cell shaded zelda games and minecraft are good examples.

Gameplay still comes first, but having awesome visuals along side it is always welcome.

Baka-akaB1697d ago

It will actually . New graphics engine often comes along with new physics and animation engine among other things . Besides we are constantly told by cod fanboys that sports games are as uninnovating as cod and release at the same pace .

They forgot one thing , even if it was somehow true (wich it aint really), at least sports game got the decency of spicing up and beefing their graphics and animations once everywhile , UNLIKE cod .

I call it common courtesy to at least upgrade that if you can't touch anything else .

Ghost_of_Tsushima1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

No the problems are bullet detection lag which is horrible, (Cheaters) some with Modz or Botz in their "Gamertags" are fools, same copy and pasted game, and very unrealistic gunplay just turn the sensitivity all the way up and behold the speed of light. Quick Scoping (fake BS) umm...a hole in every roof made specifically for predator missiles. (Highly over powered shotguns) I'm referring to MWF3 in general here but most are the same BS and they're just garbage.

Didn't mean to sound harsh but just stating facts and some opinions.

xVALix1698d ago

@Kratos_Kills im by no mean a cod fan. I enjoy my bf. Bullet hit detection is nothing with the game have you played on lan? Unrealistic gunplay is what you get in an arcade shooter you want real gunplay then go play arma 3.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Yes I've also watched my replays many times and in slow mo. I'm running and bullets are far behind me and guy stops shooting then I fall dead. I've also slow mo when I got sniped while I wasn't moving and the bullet hit the wall about 10 inches beside me but I still died. Believe me the bullet lag is horrible.

Baka-akaB1697d ago

asking for removal of bullet lag and dodgy hit detection isnt the same as requesting the game becomes some simulation and serious you know .

Arcade shooter ≠ shitty gunplay . It least it didnt till Cod :p

HarryB1698d ago

Dude that is the most hilarious response. At the same time I am also a nobdy.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Funny, on console, which is what most people are playing COD and BF on, COD looks just as good, if not better than BF in graphics. Notice COD didn't take a separate graphics download or anything.

People just love to hate. COD just needs to add tanks and things like that, and they'll be fine.

That dude a few post down is delusional, saying starhawk and warhawk and the new socoms and twisted metal is better looking and playing than COD... LMAO, but hey, he's a sony fanboy and has the avatar and bubbles to show that.


They can do a lot more with static geometry... the most damage you can do in COD is blowing up things that were meant to be blown up... air conditioners, barrels, wall fans. BF on the other hand has larger maps with massive amounts of destruction and vehicles which gets pretty chaotic which is more of an accurate portrayal of what a battlefield would be like while still retaining an arcade feel. Cod's able to look better and retain 60fps because it's not really pushing anything groundbreaking... the maps are small, no vehicles, no destruction. It's like comparing apples and oranges though... I always have to hop in and defend BF but just to be fair comparing the TDM modes is where COD takes it.

Kakkoii1696d ago

The Call of Duty series actually does keep itself at the forefront of graphics tech for the most part. The teams even often release whitepapers on new tech they have developed. Some Black Ops tech was featured at Siggraph 2011 even. Here's the whitepaper:

The problem seems more to do with art direction, the talent and size of the team, combined with the time frame to make the games. Their engines are constantly updated to do great things, they just don't seem to utilize it that greatly =/

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ps3_pwns1698d ago

i only bought 1 call of duty game this gen and it was world at war for 20 bucks because the zombies lol. dont see why so many people buying the same cod every year. I didnt even play the actual cod multiplayer i just played the coop zombies lol. call of duty mp seemed lame and i liked resistance crazy weird weapons and 60 player 30vs 30 game matches. and killzone futuristic awesome tf2 type mp with 16 vs 16 mp. and warhawks starfox / twisted metal type flight combat with tons of vehicles and such. once you played those games cod mp seems weak and bland in comparison. glad i save over 400 dollars not buying all them lame cod games and dlc's every year. got enough money to buy the ps4 now. those of you with only a x360 console could had a ps3 by now if you didnt spend money on live and cod every year.

tsn1698d ago

The problem with CoD is the company that owns it has no other intentions but to take as much money as possible from us.

WickedLester1698d ago

For me it's not the graphics nor a lack of innovation. It's the lack of a robust, story-driven single player campaign that pushes me away from the series. COD has become the "Madden" of first person shooters in that since they feel the need to push a new sequel out every single year, there's simply not enough development time to flesh out a well-rounded title. I enjoy multiplayer as much as the next gamer but it will never take the place of finishing a deep satisfying single player experience.

sandman2241698d ago

I think the character models look great, but I rather have them focus on the environment graphics. For start true 1080p and make the stages look life like. Also try better to minimize the lag advantage for team death match.

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