UT3 and Stranglehold hit 1m sales

Midway CEO David Zucker has announced that the publisher's new IP Stranglehold and recent FPS Unreal Tournament 3 have both sold over one million units worldwide.

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decapitator3691d ago

GO UT3. I have to say, I am very surprised with Stranglehold sales but nonetheless good news for Midway.

codeazrael3691d ago

I can't believe stranglehold sold that much. The game is tooooo arcadey.

ruibing3691d ago

I got the PS3 collector's edition after it dropped to $29.95. It may not be the best action game, but it was pretty fun once I started playing it.

BeaArthur3691d ago

Wasn't a huge UT3 fan but I do understand the appeal. Stranglehold is a surprise though, that game was very average.

King20083691d ago

UTIII dont play it as much as I use to but I got my gil worth. The mods are awesome though...

games4fun3691d ago

"Later this year, we are scheduled to launch the Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament 3 and expect it to perform equally well.”

looks like the 360 will finally get it this year

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