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IGN: "After raising over $8.5 million on Kickstarter last July, the Ouya Android game console is ready for launch. Shipments of the special Kickstarter Edition of the console will begin today and continue into April. Those who missed the original crowdfunding campaign, however, are in luck, as the company has also confirmed today that the system will arrive at retailers in the US, UK, and Canada on June 4th, including Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, and others. In celebration of its launch, Ouya invited backers and the media to come see the finished product and play some of the games currently available on the service."

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majiebeast1883d ago

Just what i always wanted mobile games on a console. Cause when i think mobile games i sure think it would be better on a console...

zeal0us1883d ago

Couldn't be any worse than Win8. My desktop now haz apps, just what I always wanted /s

I see a lot of people using the Ouya as emulation device and media stream device.

6GB of storage is quite small sadly(actually 8gb but this is after software and etc is installed). Hopefully there will be a way to plug up a external flash drive or hard drive.

Yi-Long1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

... so you didn't like any games on XBLA or PSN these last few years!?

Cause I certainly did. Some of the best games this gen were downloadable 'small' games, like Super Meat Boy, Fez, Spelunky, Shadow Complex, etc etc. All games which should be possible to play without a problem on a powerul Android device.

If these developers see that there are many people on Android, on Ouya, and they prefer the freedom it could give them, creatively, and budgetwise, we could see a shift of such games from PSN/XBLA towards Android/Ouya.

The OUYA was never ever meant to compete with current-gen retail-games. It was always meant to play games like those on PSN/XBLA. And if the developer-support is there, it has a huge potential.

We'll have to see if it will be able to live up to that potential.

Knight_Crawler1882d ago

What 8GB...Da fuq am I suppose to save with that? My 8GB iPod gets full with 600 songs and album covers.

3-4-51882d ago

I just bought a computer with windows 8 and it runs awesome.

Maybe it's because it was installed on a brand new computer.

JoGam1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Well at least it defeats the intire argument we heard about the Vita having console style games on the go. People was saying, why would I want to play Uncharted on the go when i can play on my couch? Well why would I play mobile games on the couch when i can play on the bus? Smh. Makes no sense.

kayoss1882d ago

Totally agree with you. There seems to be a double standard when it comes to Sony product. Either people want to see Sony fail or they would find a way to look down on Sony Products. Prime example is the Vita when it was released.

kcuthbertson1883d ago

This thing is getting a lot of hate in my opinion. It's actually a pretty sweet little machine for only 1 Benjamin. I'm gonna get one and hook it up to my living room as my emulator machine.

xursz1883d ago

This console is useless. It could be a cheap media streamer but I already have devices that work 10× better. For this I'm going to pass on the Ouya.

IK IR Y IP T1882d ago

it's so useless it made like 8 million on kickstarter

stage881883d ago

People are writing this off far too quickly.
I did too until I thought about it.

This thing can:
1. run emulators
2. run XBMX

Its getting bought by me.

joeorc1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

"People are writing this off far too quickly. "

and it will be to their folly in my opinion.

The point's your brought up are great but also there is more to it than that. What many really are overlooking and cannot be stated enough. Is who the people that are that designed and are backing this very machine. If people would stop to think that people such as Ed Fries!

Xbox Creator Speaks On Ouya

The system is set to release early next year, but we briefly chatted with Fries about his thoughts on the Ouya and how it compares to the release of the original Xbox.

this very question was brought up the key was in the kick starter they were shooting for less than a million and got over 8 million!

Q:Do you see Ouya as a direct competitor to Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, or is it kind of like it’s own thing?

A:No I don’t think they see themselves that way, I think they see a market niche opportunity, they don’t know how big it’s going to be, but it’s already big enough just through Kickstarter to make it happen. We’ll just see how it goes. "

This is just one of the people involved in the development of this product, people underestimating this project may be doing it to their detriment!

FamilyGuy1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

All this hate and at the end of the day I'm predicting this to be the next Wii. If games are fun, outdated/low-level graphics mean nothing. If the console is cheap, more parents will take notice and buy these for their youngest children.

Think about it, wouldn't you rather get your 6-9 year old this instead of letting them, dangerously, handle your smart phone. Wouldn't you rather get them this and pay $100 for the console and $5 for the games than pay $400 for a next gen console and $60 for the games.

This thing might not be for everyone but it DEFINITELY has a market and I think it'll be a success. I don't intend to buy myself one but I DO have a 5 year old daughter, and 7 year old nephew and a 4 year old niece that I'm likely to get them for.

Even beyond that, this also might get the attention of low income households and casual gamers.

Restating it, it'll be the next Wii.

Murad1882d ago

I personally see them as a ray of sunshine for gamers in a manner of speaking. They have stated that they are trying to support gamers, and they like to give gamers what they want to give themselves, a great platform for gaming-simple as that.

cee7731882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

that's the problem its just a piracy box its already pretty easy to pirate games on android yet ouya somewhat encourages it.

besides the rk3188 mini pc from china will spank ouya spec wise 2ghz quad core+mali400 quad @ 550mhz

Fasttrack761883d ago

Ill just have a ps4 and xbox720 instead plz

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