Eurogamer's Cult Classics: GameCube (Part 3)

Did you read parts one and two? Shame on you! Whatever your answer. In Eurogamer's final selection of Cult Classics for GameCube, Keza MacDonald touches on all the most influential genres: real-time pinball strategy, asymmetrical team-based '80s arcade games, rhythm shooters, and duck-based top-down aviation puzzling.

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NIN643506d ago

Skies of Arcadia is still my fav RPG for all the reasons listed in this article. Proud to still have my DC copy as well as my GC. Wish that they had released Eternal Arcadia 2 like they kept hinting.

miked8083506d ago

Yeah I have my GC and Dreamcast copies as well. Make a sequel SEGA.

Shaka2K63506d ago

The biggest flop in the history of gaming.