Wonderwallweb give Army of Two 9/10

Wonderwallweb have been looking forward to Army of Two for some time, the whole idea of a proper co-op game off and online has been a long time coming. The good thing is now that it is here it does not disappoint, in fact it even throws in a few unexpected surprises along the way.

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Joey Gladstone3694d ago

is a credible game with its great Co-op play, and gaming mechanics......but in all honesty it does not deserve a score of 9......9's and 10's should be reserved for near gaming masterpieces...
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

wotta3694d ago

Fair enough, this is one reviewers opinion though, it's nice to see that someone has thier own mind, it always amazes me how all these different sites manage to give similar scores? Surely there must be someone out there that really like games others hate?

Lord Vader3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

ppl like different games kinda like different music or different art forms.

I wouldnt give A02 a 9, but I would give it at least a 7.5...

I played it all weekend on co-op & MP & frankly, had a blast. It is what it is, the controls are like 80%, the story is... strange, but the co-op is a blast. Of course, I'm sure that some would disagree...

skynidas3694d ago

This game is getting a lot of varied reviews

dayday3694d ago

The game is fun, but hardly any game should get 9 or 10. Now reviewers just throw the high scores around.

7.5 is a good score, but now people think 7.5 is a low score.

BadTaste3694d ago

They gave Lost: Va Domus 9/10 too...

permutated3694d ago

And they gave REZ HD 5/10.

Yeah, boycott this awful site. They' don't know sh*t about video games.

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The story is too old to be commented.