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X360A: "EA and DICE have just unveiled Battlefield 4 in San Francisco and we were right there in the auditorium having our ears blown up by the demo's insane volume levels."

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1847d ago
venom061847d ago

and yet another example of a STUPID reviewer trying to come up with the only negative they can mention about BF4, saying "its not bringing anything new gameplay-wise"..... If you haven't played more than 17min of th SP or even touched the MP, then you really dont know what its bringing gameplaywise. All you can comment on is how it looks and how the short story that was shown makes you feel....

This is the same type of hypocritical, double-standard having, CoD fanboy reviewer that gave that copy and paste job known as MW3 glowing reviewers, DISPITE IT BEING AN EXACT CLONE OF MW2..... digusting hypocrites..

finbars751847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

I think the BF series offers alot more im just not convinced on how you can release Bf4 on the PS3 and PS4 at the same time.Obvisouly BF4 will suffer on the PS4 due to this.The whole purpose of next gen is to experience the games the way they were meant to be played.So back to the story here COD hasnt offered anyhting new in 6 years so going around telling us that BF4 will offer us nothing new is just being a hypocrite.The Bf series has always offered us something new by trying to chnge it up where as COD just makes the perk system different by tweeking it here and there and giving us the same old crappy designed maps with the same old no recoiled guns and same old bullshit hackers.So maybe you should ask yourself what does COD have to offer us thats new in the last 6 years?