OXCGN Dead Island: Riptide Hands-On Preview- Dawn of the Dead… Island


"If you’ve watched the Dawn of the Dead remake from 2004 and stayed back to watch the credits, you would have been treated to some extra footage of our survivors finding an island only to realize that it’s over run by the undead.

Dead Island: Riptide, the sequel to 2011′s Dead Island, starts off in just such a place."

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BadCircuit1721d ago

It actually could be a good bit of fun, even though I'm getting over zombies.

gaminoz1721d ago

It's looking pretty good, but don't look for a plot here.

konnerbllb1721d ago

Kind of sad most of this years games are coming out before fall. I have hope that we have a bunch of unannounced titles that will launch with next gen but we all know they like to spread out the titles between genre's. IE: One racing game, one fighting game, one adventure game at launch. I guess I've been spoiled these past two years with tons of amazing games coming out year-round.