Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Review – Stolen Opportunity | Metro

Metro: "A classic example that sometimes less is more, as a deadweight of mini-games and side characters dilutes an otherwise fun, if unambitious, platformer."

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avangerironman1640d ago

all give this one 8.5/10 not 6 and i love it am playing it on ps vita and ps3 :)

G20WLY1640d ago

No fanboy here, but the Metro is appallingly anti-Sony and so they lop at least a point off of any exclusives, I've been watching this nonsense for years :(

avangerironman1640d ago

na am not a fanboy :) i like all consoles :) am just like THE PLAYSTATION more :) i love this game i gave it 8.5/10 but 6/10 makes this game shit :)

3-4-51640d ago

This game looks like an old school classic. reminds me of a 3D aladdin kind of.