Playable 'Destiny' races revealed, Tiger Man not included

XMNR: Bungie art director Chris Garret and lead writer Joseph Staten hosted a panel their upcoming sci-fi shooter, Destiny, Thursday. Part of the hour long discussion included a look at the playable races in the PS4, PS4, Xbox 720 and Xbox 360 title. Including one that didn't make the cut.

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Jaqen_Hghar1578d ago

A man would call these concepts...very conceptual. A man wonders how many will play as sparkly shovel faced vampires.

Godmars2901578d ago

"A man wonders how many will play as sparkly shovel faced vampires."

The ones with bullet holes in em from other players. Obviously.

Blastoise1578d ago

Looking forward to this game, think it's time for another gameplay trailer :)

supraking9511578d ago

hmm Mass Effect inspired them

MysticStrummer1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Hmmm, you haven't been exposed to much science fiction I guess.

Lionalliance1578d ago

By god, developers should NOT use Twilight for any kind of vampire like ref!

0pie1578d ago

tiger man... woah this is sooo stupid. I hate when sci-fi games mix together human and animal in a game to create a race. Its stupid and not original.

Queasy1578d ago

Hence why it was cut.

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