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'Destiny' started out as a fantasy game with giant frogs

XMNR: Bungie held a panel at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on Thursday where it talked a little about the origins of Destiny. The upcoming sci-fi shooter for the PS4, Xbox 720, PS3 and Xbox 360 wasn't always sci-fi. In fact, it started out as a fantasy game with giant frogs. (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Snookies12  +   887d ago
What the hell...? Lol! That's hilarious though.
zerocrossing  +   887d ago
I hope they keep the giant frogs.
HammadTheBeast  +   887d ago
Toad Warriors.

Battle Toads.
3-4-5  +   887d ago
I'm sure they'll drop an easter egg in there somewhere.
Snookies12  +   887d ago
Hmm, taking a close look at the concept art though... It did look kinda cool. Almost hope they go back to this idea at some point and turn it into something.
zerocrossing  +   887d ago
I just hope they didn't move away from their original concept for the sake of broadening the appeal, I would hate to think a great game never was because space and shooters are more popular...
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Snookies12  +   887d ago
@zerocrossing - Very much agreed, although I have a feeling that it had a part to play in their decision. If not a major one, a small one at least.
Septic  +   887d ago
Their concept art is amazing, especially of the planets. You really get lost in their beauty. Imagine huge planets that you actually traverse in a ship you actually pilot with your mates as crew members.

Just the thought of couple of guys flying, one controlling and the other navigating whilst your mates are strapped to seats and you're just playing in first person, conversing with them and looking through the windows as you enter the atmosphere of an amazing looking alien planet with several moons etc. Just a proper adventure.

Then imagine a scenario like the one in pitch black where your ship crashes and the pilot tries his best to limit the damage. You all land on this barren planet with its unique atmosphere, crazy unearthly weather and gravity. Imagine it was an expansion of sorts and you see other groups of players just crashing into the planet too in the horizon. A monstrously huge crater with something in the middle.

Or imagine a proper Citadel like in Mass Effect populated with real players. Just crowds of players.

Yes...I'm currently sitting in the toilet fantasizing but I'd absolutely love that. Ah maybe one day we'll reach that. Hopefully I wouldn't have corroded away when it happens.
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auragenz  +   887d ago
Shocking coming from the creators of Halo and Marathon, how did it ever end up as a FPS...
fsfsxii  +   887d ago
zerocrossing  +   887d ago
Great game but damn that impossible hoverbike level!
fsfsxii  +   887d ago
Haven't gotten the chance to play it, but, is it on Wii Ware??
Merrill  +   887d ago
Then it went to generic futuristic setting.

I will still play it, but I like the sounds of that concept better. I prefer fantasy.
zbg31610  +   887d ago
Their strategy,

Step 1: Create a fantasy universe

Step:2 Turn that universe into the complete opposite, a sci-fi universe.

It sounds crazy, but the whole destiny universe looks good so far. Bungie is great when it comes to creating unique worlds.
sprinterboy  +   887d ago
I watched the whole conference about Destiny and the game did not start off with fantasy and giant frogs, dont know what the author was watching lol, they asked the team to design concept art for all there ideas on new worlds wether that be sci-fi, fantasy, earth, medieval, space etc. The concept art created from the team was more than all the halos combined, the fantasy land and giant frog concept was just one of the drawings, it did not start off as that game lol.
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-Gespenst-  +   887d ago
Sounds better than the tired sci-fi game we're getting instead. Destiny just looks so generic. Everything's way too polychromatic. Such a tired sci-fi aesthetic. Sort of reminds of WoW or something too. And the broad religious names for things, ugh. Such big, stupid, sweeping metaphors that want to seem epic and profound.

They should have made this frog game damnit.
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NegativeCreepWA  +   887d ago
As fan of genres, whats so generic about sci-fi and not fantasy?

Come on people both have been done many times, I like the mix Bungie has came up with, its actually very unique.
KillrateOmega  +   887d ago
Funny, but intersting
As much as the title of this article made me lol for a bit when I first read it, after reading the article and looking at the concept art, I must say that it does sound like an interesting idea. After all, this IS Bungie. If anyone can make giant frogs rad as shit, it's them.
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OrionNoctis  +   887d ago
Im quite happy and looking foward for this game , the fantasy and sci fi blend gracefully and im gonna spend ten years in this game on ps4, i never wanted to play a game this much and i believe this game will be something very very special!
Be Brave!!!
Ulf  +   887d ago
The Halo backstory is so good... and the Halo game plots, and presentation, are SO BAD. I don't understand how they can have such good backstory narrative, but it never comes through in their game storytelling.

Maybe a MMO is just the thing for them. WoW and Everquest have rich backstories too... most people just don't care, so the clunky MMO-style presentation doesn't really matter.
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SDF Repellent  +   887d ago
Well, At least it didn't started out as a game based on actual ancient Japanese famous battles with giant enemy crabs.
FightFans  +   885d ago
I like giant frogs, they taste great.

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