Darksiders II to be Removed from European Wii U eShop on March 31

Action-adventure game Darksiders II will be taken down from the Wii U eShop in Europe on March 31, 2013, according to The Nintendo Channel.

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Fasttrack761666d ago

I think nintendo have forgot your meant to add stuff not take away,it's already short on content

Kran1666d ago

SHHHHH. Nintendo know what they're doing...

...apparently :/ lol

secretcode1666d ago

It's not Nintendo being stupid or anything. The Darksiders property has no owner right now and is in limbo. That's why it was pulled.

Donnieboi1666d ago

So...if that's the reason, then why isn't it being pulled from psn?

KUV19771666d ago

All DLC is already taken from European PSN and you can't redeem your Online-Pass if you have one. I wouldn't be surprised if the base-game would also disappear on March 31th.

PopRocks3591666d ago


You probably don't know it but each official release, whether it be a full game or DLC, is its own license. Apparently the Darksiders II license in the UK has become somewhat sketchy.

Viper71666d ago

It's sad to see thing like this to happen to a good game and game series.

zalanis1666d ago

i think this could mean tht darksiders developer could have finally found a buyer. new owner probably doesnt want to keep on wiiu no more.