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GameStop: Wii U sales “disappointing” but PS4 purchase intent "strong"

GI - GameStop saw revenue drop 7% last year, projects flat revenue for 2013 in best case.

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Community1603d ago
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redDevil871603d ago

Wallet am cry.

All this positive PS4 news is pushing me towards getting one at launch.

NeverEnding19891603d ago

The intent is there, let's see if these intentions come through. There was a lot of interest in the PS3, but half of PS2 owners switched to Microsoft/Nintendo.

I want to see a price. I feel like that was the major deterrent for PS2 owners.

Conzul1603d ago


The PS3 was designed by the headless chicken at the Department of the Treasury.

The PS4 was designed by developers, and is loved by every developer who's been asked. Sony could charge $600 again (unlikely) and still have an awesome gen.

slayorofgods1603d ago

The good thing about the ps4 design is that it is affordable to manufacture. The cell processor its self didn't hold the ps3 back from actual sales (although it did hurt in developer terms) What stopped people from jumping straight for the ps3 was the 600 dollar price tag and year head start for the 360 to gain momentum. That and the ps3 (at first) seemed like the 360 in terms of what a console could do. The Wii was completely different.

The PS4 should have a much better launch then the PS3. The WiiU is a flop and people are craving new graphical capabilities and xbox won't be the first one there to bring it.

thechosenone1603d ago

Mark Cerny needs to get a big fat raise for the way he help turn around the perceptions some people had about the PS brand.

princejb1341603d ago


Do you really think people would buy it at $600
I think not

I would probably buy it since I work but their are many others with low income and tight pockets that wouldn't buy it till its at least $400

LOL_WUT1603d ago

I'm still going to support the Wii U but I think we can all come to terms that it has been a failure so far. ;)

Ritsujun1603d ago

Bye Wii duUum.
Wii Me to be announced soon. Dual-screen tablet.

Morgue1603d ago

I paid $970.00 for my 60 gig PS3 on launch day off of eBay and I have no problem doing it all over again.

jeseth1603d ago

I don't know anyone with a Wii U.

That is just crazy to me.

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Monkeycan81603d ago

I wish I could say the same. But no money :'(

RememberThe3571603d ago

I'm not a "day 1" kind of buyer, but the PS4 might be my exception. If not day 1, 2 or 3, just because I will probably buy it online. I'm over the retail rush thing, I'll leave that to the UBER fans.

Tito081603d ago

I'll likely reserve it, I wanna make sure I have it separate, but no way in hell I'm gonna camp to get one, I did it for the PS3 launch because of a friend convincing me to go camp with him, never again, lol.

Irishguy951603d ago

Hmm it may be the single exception for me as well...

The launch lineup is already great - It would take just 1 great reveal to push me over the edge and get it day 1. Although i'm still conflicted because Day 1 consoles have their share of problems.

Twinzclipz1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

DAY1 for ME

jcnba281603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Wow it really is true. This site is riddled with sony fanboys. Bashing the Wii U left right and center. Too bad it sound like you're all afraid of Nintendo winning next gen...again. lol

kenshiro1001603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Hey, I'm a Nintendo fan too but your comment was uncalled for. I don't see anyone bashing Nintendo left and right so I don't know what you're talking about. WiiU sales have been troublesome so of course people are going to speak about that.

Nintendo didn't hire you to be their cheerleader so lay off and be a gamer.

kenshiro1001603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

stupid double comment. -_-

Donnieboi1603d ago

I bet there will be even more ps4 pre-orders then there are even Wii U purchases (assuming stores can even fill that many and Sony can produce that many before launch).

The Wii U is gonna feel the pressure. And I don't think an HD remake of an old game (Wind Waker HD) is enough to sell systems, or turn around 3rd party support in it's favor.

jcnba281603d ago

Then you clearly know nothing about Nintendo. Sales will go through the roof when Wind Waker Remake (not HD) is released.

mcstorm1603d ago

I don't think the ps4 sales will be higher then the Wiiu and I think the same with the next Xbox to. The ps4 looks impressive but it will need the games for people to make the switch and with the big names like mw4 and bf4 out on the 360 and ps3 I don't think alto of people will be ready to jump as soon as the other 2 consoles are out.

Once the big games make the switch to the ps4 and next Xbox this is when people will look to buy the new consoles and its the same with the Wiiu. It has 2 games that were exclusive which were zombieu and mariou the rest could be bought on the other consoles. A lot of people don't see the point on spending £250+ for a new console with so little games that are not on the other consoles.

I can N4G being full of doom and gloom about the ps4 and next Xbox after there first few months on the market but all 3 will be fine and 12 to 18 months into there cycles sales will pickup along with the library of games for people to make the switch.

imdaboss11603d ago

if you want to buy used games go to bestbuy! dont go to gamestop

Murad1603d ago

Or even Ebay. I recently saw that Mafia 2 was being sold online for about 6 bucks or 9 bucks on Newegg one time, and I was like, holy *beep*, that's an amazing offer.

NastyLeftHook01603d ago

i actually had a dream about the ps4! i want one bad!

Lykon1603d ago ShowReplies(2)
TheTwelve1603d ago

I don't know anybody with a WiiU, or if they have one they remain silent about it.

_-EDMIX-_1603d ago

PS4 is an easy buy for most. Sony supports there systems 100%, 3rd parties are all behind it AND indies are behind it. Whats truly not to like? If you hated Sony IP's in the past, there are new ones, if you don't care for a lot of 3rd party games, there are indie titles being ported over from PC.

Sony is basically making it hard for you to say "NO" on there system. I believe they market their systems really well, in the respect that they don't try to shove it down your throats. ie "if you didn't like Ratchet, you may like Resistance, don't care for GT, you may like Motorstorm"

This is something MS and Nintendo don't really do well. They tend to stick to the same IP's ie heres a Zelda, heres a Mario or Halo's coming and here is a forza! LOL! But realistcally, if I didn't own a 360 this gen and your selling me Halo, Fable and Forza all over again, then once again I won't pick it up. (Same goes for Nintendo)

b_one1603d ago

im wondering, for me it is day1 or after a six months, maybe year

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dedicatedtogamers1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

I don't understand how people can defend the WiiU's slow sales when even the retailers are saying that the console sells in disappointing numbers. Retailers are typically the LAST people to say this, because (obviously) they have no business reason for wanting a console to fail.

Get your head out of your buttcheeks, Nintendo.

Brucis1603d ago

The Vita was selling in low sales for almost a year, but look at it now. People still defended the Vita's poor sales during most of that time. Same with the 3DS, when it had bad sales people defended it and then it got better later on. The same will happen with the WiiU once more games come.

Conzul1603d ago

Asynchronous analogy.
The Vita (for it's size and purpose) is significantly more powerful than the WiiU.

Brucis1603d ago


Power wan't a part of the analogy, I never said anything about it. The only things mentioned were sales and games. Games are what sell consoles. The 3DS started selling when more good games came out. The Vita started selling when more good games came out. The WiiU will start selling when more good games come out. It's not doing good now, I'll freely admit that.

PSVita1603d ago

The 3ds was over priced to begin with and the vita is worth price but its still not attractive to casual gamers so a price cut would help a ton too. But the WiiU is a mess period and it has EXTREAMLY BETTER consoles coming out soon. I garuentee it won't be getting that magic mushroom that the wii got.