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GameStop: Wii U sales “disappointing” but PS4 purchase intent "strong"

GI - GameStop saw revenue drop 7% last year, projects flat revenue for 2013 in best case. (GameStop, PS3, PS4, Wii U)

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-Mezzo-  +   978d ago | Well said
PS4 = Day 1.
redDevil87  +   978d ago
Wallet am cry.

All this positive PS4 news is pushing me towards getting one at launch.
NeverEnding1989  +   978d ago
The intent is there, let's see if these intentions come through. There was a lot of interest in the PS3, but half of PS2 owners switched to Microsoft/Nintendo.

I want to see a price. I feel like that was the major deterrent for PS2 owners.
Conzul  +   978d ago

The PS3 was designed by the headless chicken at the Department of the Treasury.

The PS4 was designed by developers, and is loved by every developer who's been asked. Sony could charge $600 again (unlikely) and still have an awesome gen.
slayorofgods  +   977d ago
The good thing about the ps4 design is that it is affordable to manufacture. The cell processor its self didn't hold the ps3 back from actual sales (although it did hurt in developer terms) What stopped people from jumping straight for the ps3 was the 600 dollar price tag and year head start for the 360 to gain momentum. That and the ps3 (at first) seemed like the 360 in terms of what a console could do. The Wii was completely different.

The PS4 should have a much better launch then the PS3. The WiiU is a flop and people are craving new graphical capabilities and xbox won't be the first one there to bring it.
thechosenone  +   977d ago
Mark Cerny needs to get a big fat raise for the way he help turn around the perceptions some people had about the PS brand.
princejb134  +   977d ago

Do you really think people would buy it at $600
I think not

I would probably buy it since I work but their are many others with low income and tight pockets that wouldn't buy it till its at least $400
LOL_WUT  +   977d ago
I'm still going to support the Wii U but I think we can all come to terms that it has been a failure so far. ;)
Ritsujun  +   977d ago
Bye Wii duUum.
Wii Me to be announced soon. Dual-screen tablet.
Morgue  +   977d ago
I paid $970.00 for my 60 gig PS3 on launch day off of eBay and I have no problem doing it all over again.
jeseth  +   977d ago
I don't know anyone with a Wii U.

That is just crazy to me.
Monkeycan8  +   978d ago
I wish I could say the same. But no money :'(
RememberThe357  +   978d ago
I'm not a "day 1" kind of buyer, but the PS4 might be my exception. If not day 1, 2 or 3, just because I will probably buy it online. I'm over the retail rush thing, I'll leave that to the UBER fans.
Tito08  +   977d ago
I'll likely reserve it, I wanna make sure I have it separate, but no way in hell I'm gonna camp to get one, I did it for the PS3 launch because of a friend convincing me to go camp with him, never again, lol.
Irishguy95  +   977d ago
Hmm it may be the single exception for me as well...

The launch lineup is already great - It would take just 1 great reveal to push me over the edge and get it day 1. Although i'm still conflicted because Day 1 consoles have their share of problems.
Twinzclipz  +   977d ago
DAY1 for ME
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jcnba28  +   977d ago
Wow it really is true. This site is riddled with sony fanboys. Bashing the Wii U left right and center. Too bad it sound like you're all afraid of Nintendo winning next gen...again. lol
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kenshiro100  +   977d ago | Well said
Hey, I'm a Nintendo fan too but your comment was uncalled for. I don't see anyone bashing Nintendo left and right so I don't know what you're talking about. WiiU sales have been troublesome so of course people are going to speak about that.

Nintendo didn't hire you to be their cheerleader so lay off and be a gamer.
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kenshiro100  +   977d ago
stupid double comment. -_-
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Donnieboi  +   977d ago
I bet there will be even more ps4 pre-orders then there are even Wii U purchases (assuming stores can even fill that many and Sony can produce that many before launch).

The Wii U is gonna feel the pressure. And I don't think an HD remake of an old game (Wind Waker HD) is enough to sell systems, or turn around 3rd party support in it's favor.
jcnba28  +   977d ago
Then you clearly know nothing about Nintendo. Sales will go through the roof when Wind Waker Remake (not HD) is released.
mcstorm  +   977d ago
I don't think the ps4 sales will be higher then the Wiiu and I think the same with the next Xbox to. The ps4 looks impressive but it will need the games for people to make the switch and with the big names like mw4 and bf4 out on the 360 and ps3 I don't think alto of people will be ready to jump as soon as the other 2 consoles are out.

Once the big games make the switch to the ps4 and next Xbox this is when people will look to buy the new consoles and its the same with the Wiiu. It has 2 games that were exclusive which were zombieu and mariou the rest could be bought on the other consoles. A lot of people don't see the point on spending £250+ for a new console with so little games that are not on the other consoles.

I can N4G being full of doom and gloom about the ps4 and next Xbox after there first few months on the market but all 3 will be fine and 12 to 18 months into there cycles sales will pickup along with the library of games for people to make the switch.
imdaboss1  +   977d ago
if you want to buy used games go to bestbuy! dont go to gamestop
Murad  +   977d ago
Or even Ebay. I recently saw that Mafia 2 was being sold online for about 6 bucks or 9 bucks on Newegg one time, and I was like, holy *beep*, that's an amazing offer.
NastyLeftHook0  +   977d ago
i actually had a dream about the ps4! i want one bad!
Lykon   977d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
TheTwelve  +   977d ago
I don't know anybody with a WiiU, or if they have one they remain silent about it.
_-EDMIX-_  +   977d ago
PS4 is an easy buy for most. Sony supports there systems 100%, 3rd parties are all behind it AND indies are behind it. Whats truly not to like? If you hated Sony IP's in the past, there are new ones, if you don't care for a lot of 3rd party games, there are indie titles being ported over from PC.

Sony is basically making it hard for you to say "NO" on there system. I believe they market their systems really well, in the respect that they don't try to shove it down your throats. ie "if you didn't like Ratchet, you may like Resistance, don't care for GT, you may like Motorstorm"

This is something MS and Nintendo don't really do well. They tend to stick to the same IP's ie heres a Zelda, heres a Mario or Halo's coming and here is a forza! LOL! But realistcally, if I didn't own a 360 this gen and your selling me Halo, Fable and Forza all over again, then once again I won't pick it up. (Same goes for Nintendo)
b_one  +   977d ago
im wondering, for me it is day1 or after a six months, maybe year
dedicatedtogamers  +   978d ago
I don't understand how people can defend the WiiU's slow sales when even the retailers are saying that the console sells in disappointing numbers. Retailers are typically the LAST people to say this, because (obviously) they have no business reason for wanting a console to fail.

Get your head out of your buttcheeks, Nintendo.
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Brucis  +   978d ago | Well said
The Vita was selling in low sales for almost a year, but look at it now. People still defended the Vita's poor sales during most of that time. Same with the 3DS, when it had bad sales people defended it and then it got better later on. The same will happen with the WiiU once more games come.
Conzul  +   978d ago | Well said
Asynchronous analogy.
The Vita (for it's size and purpose) is significantly more powerful than the WiiU.
Brucis  +   978d ago

Power wan't a part of the analogy, I never said anything about it. The only things mentioned were sales and games. Games are what sell consoles. The 3DS started selling when more good games came out. The Vita started selling when more good games came out. The WiiU will start selling when more good games come out. It's not doing good now, I'll freely admit that.
PSVita  +   977d ago
The 3ds was over priced to begin with and the vita is worth price but its still not attractive to casual gamers so a price cut would help a ton too. But the WiiU is a mess period and it has EXTREAMLY BETTER consoles coming out soon. I garuentee it won't be getting that magic mushroom that the wii got.
Donnieboi  +   977d ago
Yeah the vita wasn't do so well at first, but we're talking about Sony here. Sony is the king of comebacks. And if they play their cards right, the Vita could catch up with the 3ds due to renewed 3rd party love, indie games, and PS4 remote play.
Nathaniel_Drake  +   977d ago
You can't compare a console and handheld sales pattern they are very different
maniacmayhem  +   978d ago
The same way people defended the Vita or any other console of their personal preference. Like everyone said about any new console that had a first launch, let's give it some time before we declare it DOOM.

Were you here back in 2006-09?
Hicken  +   977d ago
But the situations the two consoles are in aren't the same.

Yeah, yeah, "Hicken's a fanboy."


Vita was aimed at a niche market from the start;
Wii U was aimed at both the casual AND core markets.

Vita doesn't have any competitors coming out after it to steal market share, as the 3DS is already out;
Wii U has both Sony AND Microsoft's offerings yet to release, which will definitely steal some thunder from it.

Vita can, apparently, stand a price cut to jumpstart some sales, something we've already seen take effect;
Wii U, according to Nintendo, cannot.

I'm not saying the Wii U is doomed to fail, but just as Sony at LEAST cut the price in Japan to get more mileage out of the Vita's most important market, Nintendo needs to do something to get the Wii U rolling, or its competition may put it under for good.
MikeMyers  +   977d ago
"Vita was aimed at a niche market from the start"

No it wasn't show me where Sony said this. Are you actually trying to tell us Sony expected the Vita to sell less than the PSP? That sold well over 70 million, that's not a niche market. How can you honestly say it's a niche market when even Sony themselves have said it is not meeting expectations? So why do we have forum members who are actually working harder for Sony than they are themselves to make sure their products are treated fairly?

"Vita doesn't have any competitors coming out after it to steal market share"

You're still stretching trying to defend the product. Vita relies on 3rd party support. It has competitors just like the 3DS does.

maniacmayhem, is right, we see the same people who keep posting their biased comments that don't actually represent anyone but themselves. Sony, much like Nintendo and Microsoft, are all interested in bringing entertainment to as many customers as possible. Sony is trying to offer a higher end product but that doesn't mean it's a niche product. The PS3 was also marketed as a higher end product than the Xbox 360 and the Wii. None of those 3 are considered niche and all of those 3 are competing with one another.

Gaming in general has been pushed beyond what was considered just a gamers system. That is changing every day with applications like Netflix and Facebook being integrated into these devices. Yes some of them focus more on gaming than others but they are all trying to get consumers interest. Sony is trying to bring gaming into a more social aspect, just like Microsoft and Nintendo are. Some more than others but don't fool yourself into thinking they are all not competing with one another.

The Wii U should get the same grace and leniency from gamers who wanted that to happen to the Vita. Both need about two Christmas seasons to really get a feel of how they are doing and each company knows they can do better and each will admit sales have not reached expectations. Software is one major key area for both systems that they need to push hardware.
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Anon1974  +   977d ago
@ MikeMyers. You're not making any sense. Based on your comments, it sounds like you don't understand what the term "niche market" actually means.

First off, Sony's not going to say "we're targeting a niche market". Sony sells hundreds of products aimed at different markets. You're never going to see them say "This camera is targeted at the amateur photog, this one isn't" but it's obvious what markets products are targeted for by simply examining the product offerings that that's the case.

The handheld gaming market of the past was dominated by children. Nintendo had cheaply priced, colorful units and kid friendly games. Sony aimed the PSP squarly at the adult market which wasn't being serviced by the DS and the Vita is no different. Of course there will be overlap, but the Vita obviously isn't targeted at the larger handheld gaming market. Look at any of Sony's ad campaign for the Vita and you won't see a single person in those ads who doesn't appear to be in their mid-20's, early 30's. Look at the style of the device, look at the color, the features and the price point. Clearly this device is aimed at an adult market for console games, which as far as handheld gaming devices go, is a niche market.

Then you act like Hicken was using this as an excuse for slow Vita sales. He didn't. No one is saying the Vita hit sales expectations. Of course we know it's not because, as you pointed out, Sony themselves have had to lower their forecasts more than once. Clearly it didn't meet expectations early on.

As for the PS3, the PS3 was absolutely aimed at a niche market when it first came out. I'm surprised to hear anyone claim otherwise. The PS2 was still their answer for the casual gamer, the average family while the PS3 was made for and marketed as a high end product right from the start. It was no different than offering a mid-range and high end TV. You'd have to be daft to think that expensive, luxury items like the PS3 (at launch) weren't made for a niche market at the time.

"Sony is trying to offer a higher end product but that doesn't mean it's a niche product."
Again, you don't understand what a "niche" product is, do you? By it's very definition, a higher end product is a targeted at a niche market. High end products fall into market subsets. That what makes them niche products.

As for the rest of your "gaming is evolving" comments, no one is arguing that point. You criticize Hicken, yet at no point do you actually address what he said.

Personally, I agree with Hicken. The Vita is aimed more at a market that is largely ignored, and nothing is on the horizon to challenge it. The Wii-U is aimed at the larger, casual and core markets and isn't catching fire as the Wii did in the face of two impending, juggernaut releases in the PS4 and Xbox 720. That's what Hicken actually said and it's an excellent point. If the Wii-U isn't taking off now, what are the chances of it taking off later when it suddenly has red hot competition, even with a price cut that Nintendo says isn't coming?

If you're going to attempt to counter someone's argument, the general rule of thumb is to actually address that person's statements, not completely ignore what was said. Unless, of course, you can't actually argue his point. In which case, continue to deflect and misdirect.
MikeMyers  +   977d ago

You don't support a device with ip's like Call of Duty and Need for Speed on a niche device. You are also not aiming games like Lego:Harry Potter and Rayman Origins to only 20 and 30 year-olds. The library is filled with games to attract as many gamers as possible, just like the PS3 was.

The PS3 was also not aimed at a niche market. It was actually the cheapest bluray player at the time. The problem was bluray was still rather expensive which drove the price up. Why do you think Microsoft decided not to add it or HD-DVD? The PS2 had a DVD player, are you suggesting that system was also aimed at a niche crowd too?

Both of you guys are VERY VERY biased. Give it a rest. Your opinions serve your own needs, not what most people would view. Both of you will spend more time and more effort defending Sony devices than anyone else. The Wii U should be treated with the same courtesy as Vita was. We seen nothing but moaning every time when doom and gloom articles came out for the Vita from you guys, you should at least have the same demeanor when it comes to Nintendo and Microsoft devices and give them the same grace period and optimism.

You guys need to get out more and see how the gaming environment is changing all the time. What used to be a casual device is more than that now. Same with what used to be a hardcore device. Sony is trying just like the others to branch out. To get Indie games, to get casual games, to get hardcore gamers. You don't offer Wonderbook and Diablo III on the same device unless you are trying to attract all gamers. The same thing can be said about Vita. You don't put Facebook applications on a niche device. Sony is adapting, it's a shame some of their most loyal fans aren't.
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MikeMyers  +   977d ago
"Vita can, apparently, stand a price cut to jumpstart some sales, something we've already seen take effect;
Wii U, according to Nintendo, cannot.
I'm not saying the Wii U is doomed to fail, but just as Sony at LEAST cut the price in Japan to get more mileage out of the Vita's most important market, Nintendo needs to do something to get the Wii U rolling, or its competition may put it under for good."

It also took Sony a year to decide to make a price cut and they only have done it in Japan so far. Why haven't they done it in the rest of the world? Something they too said they didn't want to do when the media was also questioning them. So again why are we playing double standards here? Of course Wii U sales will pick up when there is an official price drop. Right now Nintendo doesn't feel the need to, just like Sony didn't back then. The 3DS had a huge surge in sales once they dropped the price. They all need good software too. Once the Wii U gets some real high caliber games expect sales to rise as well.

It's time people stop picking sides. Have some common ground here.
#2.2.5 (Edited 977d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report
Anon1974  +   977d ago
@MikeMyers. Again, I question your understanding and reading comprehension skills here. I plainly stated that of course there's going to be overlap between the markets, but that suddenly doesn't make the product squarely aimed at the main, mobile game console marketplace. It's not. It's as plain as day. What about the price point, the features, the advertising campaign, the styling. All point to a product marketed squarely at a niche market in mobile gaming terms. Again, you're just ignoring these points by offering "But, there's some crossover games, so it's not a niche market." And your examples are suspect as well. Call of Duty, Need for speed - those aren't games aimed at the core market who buys and plays games on a mobile gaming device. These examples are just further evidence that the Vita is aimed at a niche market, higher net worth, adult mobile gamers. This is not the core market for mobile gaming platforms. What are you not understanding here?

As for the PS3 not being aimed at a niche market, at the time, Blu-Ray was a niche market. Again, this isn't rocket science. Anyone looking to spend that kind of money on a Blu-Ray player at the time and with a system to support and take advantage of it, that was a niche market. HDTV penetration was very, very limited. If you had one and were looking for Blu-Ray, you were a niche market. If you had an HDMI port and were looking for something to plug in, you were a niche market.

As for the PS2, the PS2 wasn't some sort of high priced super computer pushing unproven technology aimed at the upper middle class. Again, you really don't understand what "niche market" means, do you? You'd think in the time it took you to write your response, you could at least have googled the phrase.

As for the rest of your quote, again - who are you talking to? You're appear to be having a very one sided argument. You're still not addressing the points either of us raised about the Wii-U's uphill battle versus the situation the Vita is currently faced with.

Again, you're avoiding the points raised completely. Deflecting isn't offering a counter point. Calling us biased in no way discredits the valid facts we've raised. I've got no idea how you figure we're biased. How are we biased? Are we biased against Nintendo? I'd love to see you cough up proof of that. Biased toward the Vita? I have a Vita and I love it, but I fail to see how that alters me agreeing with Hicken's valid points.

"You don't put Facebook applications on a niche device."

Do you even hear yourself? So even if a device is primarily targeting a niche market, they should avoid the basic realities of social devices? And you accuse us of being out of touch?

Address the points Hicken raised or give up.
Point One - in terms of dedicated gaming handhelds, the Vita has no new competition on the horizon.
Point Two - The Wii-U, while no one is saying it's doomed, has failed to spark interest as the Wii did before it. The Wii-U also remains unchallenged currently by "next gen" consoles. It will soon have 2 strong competitors, unlike the Vita.

Those are the points you keep dancing around like they're suddenly going to disappear if you ignore them long enough. Of course an expanding Wii-U library will help. No one said differently.
insomnium2  +   977d ago
I think people calling doom on Wii U mean that since Wii U isn't as LUCKY as Wii was to become a fad with casuals. Wii flew off the shelves and was hard to obtain for months. Everyone wanted a Wii. This is clearly not the case with Wii U so calling doom on it is not entirely out of place.

I think Wii U will have a hard time reaching Gamecube. No trolling. Not hating. If I'm wrong then good job Nintendo. This is my educated guess on the subject.

Vita much like (PSP and PS3 was) is at it's highest pricepoint a pretty nieche handheld (PS3 a console duh lol). Once the price drops we see a lot more sales. Everyone wants a Vita because of the games and stuff and eventually when the price is right for them they will get one. That's why PS3 is till flying off the shelves and will keep doing it for years. Iirc Wii has been in a SHARP decline for a long time.

I think that's the difference in this situation. Wii U needs to be hot now since casuals will lose interest very quicly. Soon Wii U will be too old to resurrect for them too. Wii U needs a pricecut and a huge marketting push or else the casual ship will sale away. If that happens Wii U will have a hard time reaching even Gamecube numbers. I think this is the reason people are calling doom on Wii U.


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MikeMyers  +   976d ago
"Point One - in terms of dedicated gaming handhelds, the Vita has no new competition on the horizon."

That's like saying PC gaming has no new competition. Of course they both do. Do you really think EA and Ubisoft and all of those developers are sitting in a room thinking, how do we make games for Vita? It's such a niche market that only competes with itself? Ridiculous.

"Point Two - The Wii-U, while no one is saying it's doomed, has failed to spark interest as the Wii did before it. The Wii-U also remains unchallenged currently by "next gen" consoles. It will soon have 2 strong competitors, unlike the Vita."

We know it has failed to spark interest soon after it was launched. Nintendo failed to follow it up with a steady stream of software people wanted. Didn't the same thing occur for Vita? Why yes it did Sherlock! Didn't sales rise in Japan after they finally had a price cut the media was mentioning it needed for months? Why yes it did Watson!

Both systems have struggled to grow real interest from 3rd party publishers. What you and so many other people tend to ignore is these devices all compete in one single area, peoples free time. So whether you are playing Doodle Jump on your iphone or playing Sound Shapes on your Vita or playing ZombieU, they all try and get your interest. The irony is you keep thinking in yesterday's terms when game consoles only played games and gamers had very few choices to spend their free time.

All 3 of you guys agree with one another because all 3 of you are very biased and have your own agendas here and that is to promote Sony and their devices. All while being pessimistic to everything else. Yes the Wii U is struggling right now, but again so was Vita quickly after it launched as well.

Nintendo is also facing a different position because the PS4 and next Xbox are on the horizon and people like myself have decided to wait and see what Sony and Microsoft will be offering. One reason is time. Again it boils down to trying to attract peoples time, which is why they all compete with one another.

There really is no need to argue. Are we all not here because we all have one common interest and that is gaming?
dedicatedtogamers  +   978d ago
I'm not declaring DOOM. I'm declaring that while there are systems that started off poorly but are now picking up momentum, the WiiU seems to be losing momentum...and developers.

To be honest, I feel bad for WiiU owners. They were lied to. I don't know who really lied. Maybe it was Nintendo. Maybe it was 3rd parties. Either way, Nintendo made it clear over and over again that "this time it will be different" with 3rd party games. But, it's not. It's actually getting pretty bad with 3rd parties. The WiiU is not delivering on its promise to be a Nintendo console with lots of 3rd party support.
jcnba28  +   977d ago
For the hundredth time, Nintendo don't need much 3rd party support to do well. Why can't you people understand that? Look at the Wii almost 100 million sold with very little support. Why? Because Nintendo 1st and 2nd party games are what sell Nintendo systems not 3rd party support.
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Unicron  +   978d ago
Regardless of sales, its got to be disappointing to many to see new titles like MGSV, BF4, and apparently new stuff from Bioware NOT hitting the Wii U for a variety of reasons.

Makes me really hope that Bayonetta 2 makes it to other platforms :-/
kneon  +   978d ago
I thought I read that Nintendo were funding the development of Bayonetta 2. If that's true then it depends on how the contract was written. It may be that after a certain time they can go to other platforms, or if it doesn't reach certain sales targets they may be able to launch on other platforms.
DarkBlood  +   977d ago
nintedo are funding the game so, very unlikely for it to come other systems even if it doesnt perform that well. I dont even see them giving the go ahead for that suggestion.
dedicatedtogamers  +   978d ago
For the record, the PS4 (an unreleased console) has more upcoming, announced developer support than the WiiU (which has been out for 4 months). If that's not a sign of 3rd party support for the system dying, I don't know what is.
Robotronfiend  +   978d ago
Its not just sales that are disappointing about the WiiU.
Jek_Porkins  +   978d ago
Well I remember how much Gamestop said people were inquiring about the Wii U as well. This doesn't equal an immediate successful launch of the PS4, but it's good to know there is still interest in new consoles.

I actually think the Wii U will recover nicely once we see some Zelda, Smash, Mario Kart and Metroid.
Drekken  +   978d ago
Because no one knew what the heck it was... people still have no idea Nintendo has a new console out. Wii 2 would have sold better. Instead they called it Wii U and people are just confused.

Plus Nin just caught up to PS3/360 graphics... and they don't have games worth buying the system. Nintendo marches to the beat of a different drum, but unfortunately for them it is the same beat of the game cube this time.
konnerbllb  +   978d ago
I only signed up to the ps4 reminder list so that I can preorder one to sell for a higher price on ebay.

IRetrouk  +   977d ago
Theres way to many places that will offer a game console nowadays compared to even the start of this gen, the only way that you will make profit on one is if its in short supply but i thinks sonys got a handle on it this time, readily available parts are a big part of a console launch, the stuff inside may be customized but it is off the shelf parts and that will help sony get them together and with less problems than they did with the ps3, i think you should maybe invest in some games instead and enjoy being one of the first to try them out.
kneon  +   978d ago
The Wii U did have good initial sales, the problem came after that when the early adopters dried up no one else was stepping up to keep sales going.
PS4isKing_82  +   978d ago
Time to stock up on sleeping bags and tents ppl!!! :D
Heavenly King  +   978d ago
it is better to pre-order ;)
WeAreLegion  +   977d ago
I'll still pre-order, but I like to stand in line for my pre-order. ^_^
IRetrouk  +   977d ago
I will be queing too, although the uk launch days are usualy pretty tame, i can usualy preorder go down midnight and be home at half past.
GamerElite  +   978d ago
PS 4 The Win
jukins  +   978d ago
cant wait for ps4 but even with all the positive news i cant help but htink, in the back of my mind, that both next gen consoles could possibly suffer the same fate
bothebo  +   978d ago
900,000 people have already signed up for info on the PS4... dang.
mshope10  +   978d ago
its all good wiiu sells already picked up.Lego city undercover and monster hunter3 did pretty good. wii u sold about 59,000 last week so things might turn around.
#9 (Edited 978d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
GABRIEL1030  +   978d ago
PS4 first day for me¡
josephayal  +   978d ago
Nothing can stop the Apocalypse
I will only buy a console that allows for used games, PS4 DAY ONE
kneon  +   978d ago
While there have been plenty of rumors about the blocking used games I'm skeptical Microsoft could be that stupid. I really don't care as I don't buy used games but it's really bad PR and will annoy a lot of people.
MadMen  +   978d ago
The WiiU is a failure
Moncole  +   978d ago
People seem to always forget systems never have a good launch.
Tito08  +   977d ago
Well, the Dreamcast have one of the best launches, despite Sega struggles later on that prompted them to retire from the console business.
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Veneno  +   977d ago
Yeah the Wii U doomsayers are pulling the trigg3r way too early. Yeah the launch so far has sucked but of course Nintendo wouldnt make such bizzare tech if they didn't have a long term plan for it. But one thing is for certain: they have totally lost any chance of getting the support from hardcore gamers or 3rd party hardcore focused developers. The massive wave of PS4 hype, and soon the next Xbox (maybe), has demolished any hope for Nintendo to lure the core gamers. In that respect it is Game Over.
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NYC_Gamer  +   977d ago
Nintendo is 8 years late with Wii-U
CPTN MITCHELL  +   977d ago
Day 1 here
Raoh  +   977d ago
Reminds me, need to sell my wii u to while its still worth over $150. Sigh. ZombiU was cool though.
WeAreLegion  +   977d ago
Don't forget to play through Lego City: Undercover. After that...sell it. Lol. I don't know what I'm going to play after this.
dkgshiz  +   977d ago
If the wii u had a price launch of $250 or less it probably would be flying off the shelves. Honestly many people still think the wii u is just an add on for the wii. They should have changed the name as well. As a result the wii u is having an identity crisis.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   977d ago
A man will give them 2 PS4 day one purchases before selling one on Ebay for a $300 markup at least. If demand is as strong as a store claims, a man will make out well. And considering WiiU sold for a couple hundred over retail at launch a man believes his gaming budget will get a nice boost.
WeAreLegion  +   977d ago
I didn't read past "A man". I feel compelled to like everything you write.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   977d ago
a man would appreciate a bubble if a user finds his comments enjoyable. A man has given a user one as an act of good faith.
majedx9  +   977d ago
DAY 1 for ME
xursz  +   977d ago
Right there with you bud. Getting a summer job just for PS4.
silkylove  +   977d ago
I'm going to get a PS4, but not at launch. I didn't get my Wii U at launch either. Or my 3DS. Or my PS3. The last system I bought at launch was the Wii, and that will probably be the last one I ever buy at launch.
DivineAssault  +   977d ago
PS4 was created with devs, pubs, indies, cores, semi-cores, casuals, etc (get the point?) It was made with EVERYONE in mind & they did a very good if not perfect job with that machine.. Its somewhat future proof having gaikai, its got decent power under the hood, they have a good network, great dev teams, improved blu ray disc reader, finally upgraded dual shock (which i adore), ps move compatible, vastly improved remote play (with vita), & a competent camera that has voice recognition.. The list can continue forever..

One problem i see is THERES NO BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY!!! Im still buying it day one but $#^@&*&#$T(@! I get why they couldnt do it & all but it wouldve been 100% perfect if there was a way to implement that into it.. I guess ps plus & or gaikai will eliminate that issue but when?? Will we have to wait weeks, months, or even years to get the games we want to be available for that service? Im being cautious about what PSN titles i buy from now on because im moving my PS3 into my bedroom as a blu ray player.. I could play my must have PS3 discs & PSN games in there but i most likely wont.. My 55" LED in the living room is where i get my game on...

Then theres the wii u.. & thats all i have to say about that
#21 (Edited 977d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
madpuppy  +   977d ago
Mark Cerny and the engineering team looks like they did a real good job building the new Playstation, consumers are excited, developers are extremely happy. good stuff.

but I have to say, Mark Cerny does look like the type of guy that has maybe one or two women wrapped in duct tape, hanging upside down on a hook in his basement.
Veneno  +   977d ago
Omg I know. Me and my mate were saying how he looks like he was awake for a week straight at the conference. Somebody call Tony Mendez to get them girls out.
ShinnosukeRFD  +   977d ago
I can feel it. The PS4 will become the next PS2.
o-Sunny-o  +   977d ago
PS4 has a lot spirit I can tell. It's a beast in waiting. I hope for domination this gen like once before.
chukamachine  +   977d ago
PS4 for me because of the games.
Thomaticus  +   977d ago
All I want to do is PRE ORDER!
jakmckratos  +   977d ago
Killzone and Infamous AND Knack...not even mentioning Assassin's Creed 4, Watch Dogs and's set to be the best launch of any console EVER. And you KNOW Imsomniac, Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Media Molecule, Quantic Dream as well as other Sony studios and 3rd parties are working on epic titles as we speak for the system. Theyve got all their ducks in a row..they made a console accessible enough for Devs to make games cheaper and better let's just hope they deliver..I don't care how much the price of admission is if the execution is as epic as we hope.
Grimhammer00  +   977d ago
I've always wondered...
Wouldn't it be easy to dominate a gen by simply offering more profits to publishers & devs? Just undercut MS by 15%......

Suddenly no devs wanna make games exclusive for MS.
Punch MS in the nuts by stealing there devs.
oof46  +   977d ago
I think $399 is the magic number they need to hit. $450 might be acceptable. Anything more will cause a reduction in sales. Plus, the general buying public needs a good reason to get rid of their ps3/Xbox.
cedaridge  +   977d ago
I do love the ps3 but I never felt the system was dominate. Now from the vibe of the ps4 it sound DOMINANCE is evident.

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