IGN - Battlefield 4 Gameplay Impressions

IGN - DICE's next entry in the Battlefield franchise has arrived and we've seen it in action. Watch as IGN editors share their impressions.

Jughead34161128d ago

High end PCs may be capable of more visually, but I don't expect DICE to have to scale this game down that much for PS4. It should visually be an amazing game to behold and not easily distinguishable from PC. I absolutely cannot wait for E3. All the games that's been revealed so far for next gen, plus all the games that are yet to be revealed.......this holiday season should be probably the best ever for gamers.

GamersRulz1128d ago

I mean y know...well yknow ...battlefield is yknow. multiplayer ykonw

throwing y know between every word is annoying!

Insomnia_841128d ago

why did you mention it? you ruined the video for me. All I kept thinking about was the "you know" bits! lol

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SwiftArsonist1128d ago

anything with a 7870 and up should be able to run this on high settings. the ps4 should look nearly identical

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