Kotaku - I Felt Yoda on My Shoulder Throughout Soul Sacrifice

Kotaku - I remember watching The Empire Strikes Back, when Luke was training on Dagobah. At one point, he looks over his shoulder at Yoda and asks, "Is the Dark Side stronger?" Yoda, in his ever-wise (at least until the prequels) way answered firmly, "No. Quicker. Easier. More seductive." I kept remembering those words pretty much through the entirety of my play of Soul Sacrifice.

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boybato1821d ago

I Felt Yoda on My Shoulder Throughout Soul Sacrifice -WTF

Apollosupreme1821d ago

LOL, the force is not strong in this one.

Freddy_Millz11820d ago

What is that supposed to even mean? I dont care at all about Star Wars and this game is getting picked up day one.

Kotaku is weak as hell when it comes to game reviews anyway so rated good or bad, i say to them "So the f*ck what?"

R_aVe_N1820d ago

really worried how these people stay in the industry they are pretty dang bad at just about everything they do.

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