A PS2, Xbox 360 and a Significant Weapons Stash Found in the Home of Newtown Shooter Adam Lanza

Kotaku - “Video gamer.” It was the earliest and most persistent label media outlets placed on Newtown shooter Adam Lanza, after he ruthlessly murdered 20 kids and six adults last December. But that assertion seemed to be based mostly on interviews with people who knew his family, and not hard evidence. After months of speculation, an FBI affadavit is revealing some of what was in the Lanza home and the findings include multiple video game consoles and a cache of firearms.

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NeverEnding19891851d ago

Be on your best behaviour, fanboys.

Oldman1001851d ago

"The whole Sandy Hook tragedy was definitely the fault of the 360. The only games on it are shooters after all. Maybe if it had a varied library of different genres things would have turned out differently? Playing the same types of games over and over would surely turn someone insane. He seemed to be doing fine with the ps2 until he got the ShooterBox 360 no-scope."

Is this the type of response you're looking for?

Thirty3Three1851d ago

HAHA! That made my day :D

If I could 'like' your comment, I would. :)

raytraceme1851d ago

Hit the nail right in the head. Damn 360 creating them killers.

StreetsofRage1851d ago

20 children get massacred and your cracking jokes?

That made your day?

Disgusting. What's sad is that Raytraceme probably meant it judging from his comment history. Look at all those agrees.

Nice work mods.

1851d ago
extermin8or1850d ago

@StreetsofRage- his joke isn't about the actual shooting, his joke is a srcastic comment not just about the article but aimed at the guy that preempted some sort of fanboy argument over what was found (which would be pretty poor in taste tbh) so he's just put what the 1st guy to post was clearly envisaging this thread to become along with a comment to show how ridiculous it sounds yet we all know some moron was thinking about posting something similar but actually being serious about it...

ThanatosDMC1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

I thought this whole Sandy Hook thing was a hoax. Evidence and actors playing parents and supposed dead kids were actually alive.

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DeadlyFire1851d ago

I have DVD player in my house too. Does that make me kill people?

Gh05t1851d ago

Nope but no one said the games MADE him do it Most people are saying that it influenced the doing. Considering no one really knows how deep his mental illness goes saying that video games did not influence this process is ignorant. However so is blaming the video games as the cause or reason.

They are just one piece of the huge puzzle.

DeadlyFire1849d ago

You don't think he got tired of the little kids on XBL kicking his ass and mocking him do you?

I know maybe its wrong to go there.

3-4-51850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Also found:

Shoes, spoons, forks, dinner plates, a fridge, an oven, a bathroom!!!!

We should get rid of all of these things because of their danger.

Simon_Brezhnev1851d ago

I wonder what movies/tv series they found out.

RE_L_MAYER1851d ago

Twilight and brockeback mountain probably

NeXXXuS1851d ago

nah. probably my little pony.

rezzah1851d ago

He was a closet brony.

RE_L_MAYER1850d ago

No no.....teletubbies-that shit will drive anyone insane

Lazyeye791851d ago

They also probably found food there too, so lets blame food for his crazy nature. And a toilet, definitely the toilet.

Lone_Man1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

the only reason about this mishap was that he didn't want to get socially involved and his parent didnt help him either...

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