Motorstorm 2 Trailer: 6PM GMT

IGN have posted news that they will be releasing the premiere trailer for the Playstation3 arcade off-road racer, Motorstorm 2, at 6PM GMT. The Official Playstation Magazine has previously confirmed that this trailer will be CGI, however will contain hints at new gameplay elements.

"Despite some haggling, Sony adamantly refused to let us spoil the surprise and give you a sneak-peak at the game so you'll just have to believe us when we say it has the potential to blow your socks clean off your lower appendages.

So far, it's been revealed that MotorStorm 2 does away with the barren desert landscapes of the first game, instead all that brown with lush vegetation in a tropical island setting. It features water hazards, destructible scenery and monster trucks.

Finally, online play is rumoured to be complemented by four-player split-screen race-offs, which is always nice in a retro sort of way.

So, just to recap, that's 6pm GMT, today, Wednesday March 12. Be there or be completely indifferent."

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decapitator3934d ago

Damn, you beat me son, was just about to submit this.

Anyway, I cannot wait. I hope is in game though but I would still be happy if ain't.

sonarus3934d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

hmmm ign sound excited...then again they always sound excited. 6pmgmt is uk time right? i.e. can someone convert that to pacific time for US. Think its in 6hrs but not sure. think its 11am for pacific and 2pm for EST

MURKERR3933d ago

mind my french but this was the most adrenaline fuelled racer i have ever played, one problem no split screen

with this implemented im sorry but this tops gran turismo in my opinion probably graphics wise aswell

hail the king its coming!

Tragedy3933d ago

Sadly only CGI trailer, but ... Yeah!!!... MS2 > GT5!

Violater3933d ago

"MS2 > GT5!" ?????
Your kidding right?

MURKERR3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

its just my preference as a gamer not offending anyone but i prefer motorstorm to GT

i had much more fun with motorstorm than i ever did with GT

motorstorm the AI was amazing fighting you trying to outdo you and literally they tried to wipe you out,it is a rush

sadly for me GT the AI seemed to follow set routes,you could memorise it and beat it and it bored me,and for a 1st generation game the graphics in motorstorm floored me so im gonna pi$$ myself when i see actual gameplay and graphics of its second coming.

sorry if ive opened a can of worms but thats my experience with the game obviously everyone has there own views thats just mine

dhammalama3933d ago

It's definitely more my style of racer. Look and feel of motorstorm along with the gameplay physics made motorstorm my all time favorite racer even with it's crappy track selection, good but limited sound track, and lack of split screen. (loading times were bunk too.)

Motorstorm 2 is going to ROCK.

mighty_douche3933d ago

lol @ the photoshop, actually, that could be MS paint ; )

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xhi43933d ago

the cgi trailer evolution studios put out in E3 was pretty insane.......did they deliver? haha hell yesss maybe even over delivered

now with more experience and power under their belt for the second gen game (second cycle on this generation console PS3) will I can only imagine to be insane!

I'm starting to get sick of this though........I will be broke by the end of this year *sighs*

Real Gambler3933d ago

I don't believe in pre-ordering at all. So what if I cannot get one on day one. Worst case, I'll have to wait a little. I owned pretty much every consoles made so far. But Motorstorm 2? Yep, first time I'm thinking pre-ordering!

spandexxking3933d ago

you know you wont regret it! its motorstorm!

achira3933d ago

go play your rodd box. i hope the traile brings some nice surprises.

spandexxking3933d ago

woah calm down achira how do you know that zenkai isnt a motorstorm fan?

Azurite3933d ago

CGI = Computer-generated imagery.
It's hard making computer and video games without it. ;)

But yeah, I understand what you mean, it's a very common mistake.
I would also like to see some real-time footage of Motorstorm 2.

captainpwn3933d ago

So you dont want fake videos that dont deliver? Then dont play 640p Halo 3. Apparently its "1080p".

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RenegadeRocks3933d ago

Damn! Have to wait for 5 more hours! That means I'll watch it tomorrow :X
I wanted it today! :(

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