Muramasa Rebirth Limited Edition Listed by Amazon, Contents Detailed

Given the same June 25th release date (which is currently unconfirmed by Aksys Games) as the regular version and the same unidentified pre-order bonus, Amazon has listed a Muramasa Rebirth Limited Edition for $59.99.

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boybato1908d ago

lol. dude talk about being lazy. Click the article.
niways, to answer your question.

- Custom designed PS Vita face cover
- PS Vita Skin featuring art from the game
- PS Vita drawstring pouch
- Muramasa lithograph drawn by George Kamitani, creator of Muramasa Rebirth

admiralvic1907d ago

You're aware he's the EiC of the site... right?

TrendyGamers1908d ago

Not sure if it's worth the extra $20 or not.

H4all1908d ago

it's okay.. as long give me the english version of the game..

sherimae24131908d ago

this will be the first time im going to play a vanillaware game ^_^