DICE: On Battlefield 4 for Wii U 'We have to set the limit somewhere'

DICE recently offered some more reasoning for why Battlefield 4 won't release on Wii U. They imply that the console may have fallen below their "lowest specs" and that the controller may be a factor in their decision as well. They add that the Wii U isn't their focus right now.

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dungeonboss1910d ago

What do we say to that when Battlefield 4 ends up with Android and iOS ports?

darthv721910d ago

it seems to be more of a network driven decision than anything else. Meaning that EA/Dice may want total control over the infrastructure of the game and that could be something Nintendo has yet to really iron out.

dungeonboss1910d ago

Need for Speed Most Wanted U (a Wii U game also published by EA) runs completely on Origin. You sign in to your Origin account, my SP accumulates across all consoles, I can play online, lag free, 6 players racing with full voice chat. All of the features of the 360/PS3 versions, except with better graphics.

Granted, that's a 2012 game and BF4 is a 2013 game.

Crazyglues1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Look, let me tell you want he really wanted to say but couldn't... - Why can't he?

-Because when you run a business there is stuff you just can't say because it can have a negative effect..

Example- if McDonald's said, "Our burgers really are not that healthy or good for you but we make them for the people who could care less and just want fast food..." -that would be bad for sales (you would probably go to subway)..

So truth be told what DICE wanted to say but couldn't, was, "No one is buying FPS on the Wii U -Look at Call of duty's numbers.. It's not worth the time to even make a port, it's not going to sell well because those consumers are more likely to buy Mario then they are to buy battlefield. We make games for the hardcore Gamer, not social gamers - So it best we just follow the money and sell to our true consumers, and that's on PS3 and Xbox and the new gen consoles, we need to make money, were in business to make money, not lose it..

That's what he wanted to say, but can't because people will get upset and call them just a money hungry company...

But come on let's get real, these companies are not making games for pride. They are making them for the chance to make a lot of money

-sorry if that truth upsets the Gamer in you, but it's a money business - Let's be honest

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dungeonboss1910d ago

My question in response to this is: why would anyone by the game on PS4/720 when there will be millions and millions playing on PS3/360?

Do people actually think that PS4/720 will have a bigger community than Wii U this fall?

Crazyglues1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

@ dungeonboss

I feel your pain player you sound like you really wanted a Wii U version - I don't blame you it probably would have been cool..

-But to your other question, of course on the PS4/720 it will sell well, many people for years have said they want the same experience as the PC players - that's not realistic or possible on current gen.. - but on the new consoles it will be you will get the 64 players online matches, which is going to be crazy..

especially if you have ever played metro in rush mode on PS3 and xbox and thought wow this is so hectic with all these people coming down the hallway to try and plant the charge - now picture how that's going to be with 64 players.. OMG! too much fun...

BF4 on PS4 is a game changer, it's going to be one of the reasons the consoles will sell really well, people want that version of BF4.. will the community be that big, maybe, because Wii U is not really selling that well.. 4 - 5 million..

People could be holding out for next gen consoles... and if the next call of duty goes nex gen only, like the rumors are saying..

Nex Gen sales will be huge on launch.. mark my words..

I for one can't wait.. BF4 on PS4 is a day-one buy for me..

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BullyMangler1909d ago

nno . EA and Nintendo have beef rite now . so no . . and its a fact, that anything is better on the wiiU gamepad . thanks

Whymii1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Your basic premise that game developers and publishers are in the business of making money is correct. Pride has nothing to do with profit.

Where I think you're wrong is assuming that FPS don't sell in the wii u and that owners would rather play mario. The only FPS on the wii u is CoD and granted that hasn't been a huge success, but the Wii u instal base is very small and so sales were never going to be great. PS360s have huge instal base to sell to, even if only 1% bought the game, that would be more than 1.5 million copies, half of the total wii u hardware sales. Relative percentage of attach rate for CoD on the wii u is not that bad compared to PS360.

Add to that the fact that people tend to buy CoD games on the same system as their friends and past purchases. That means that most people were going to buy it on their PS360 because they already had for all the other CoDs. The hl game also came out on them earlier as well.

I think we'll see how FPSs will sell on Nintendo when Metroid eventually appears. I own CoD on PS3 and wii u and prefer to play it on the wii u for a range of reasons.

Rockefellow1909d ago

Your inference about "hardcore gamers" is borderline retarded, but you've got a point; I would pick this game up for my PS3/PS4, PC, or Xbox 360 over even considering it for the Wii U. I didn't buy my Wii U to play multiplatform games; it's a machine best utilized for its exclusives, just like its predecessor.

Crazyglues1909d ago

@ Rockefellow

you should not take offensive when I say hardcore gamers, I didn't mean it how you might have been thinking...

I just meant as opposed to a causal gamer... meaning more causal gamers tend to be on the Wii U

-and whatever is the opposite of casual gamer -(hardcore gamer)- for lack of better word tend to be on PS3 and 360 and PC... just meaning not causal..

Does that mean no hardcore gamers are on the Wii U / No, just means causal and social gamer tend to make up a bigger part of the Wii U market.

-that's all I was trying to say-

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NastyLeftHook01910d ago

And that limit ends at marios brown mustache

chukamachine1910d ago


Think it's more to do with sales then power.

Wii u is capable of BF4 will less graphics then next gen, but should be ok for 30fps.

As for android and ios ports, not exactly real ports are they.

NFS on android is not the same as NFS on the vita or console.

NastyLeftHook01909d ago

it will be the wii versions of the cod's we have been getting compared to the ps3/360 counterparts.

Kyosuke_Sanada1909d ago

Translation: Nintendo doesn't want Origins on their system.....

Brucis1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

They said it fell below their "lowest specs" but they're still developing on the 360 and PS3, what the hell? "The biggest problem we have right now is we don't want to back down from what we see as our low spec machines." This is giving me mixed messages. First it's we want to focus on the low end machines and not waste the time to take advantage of the WiiU's extra power, but then its the WiiU doesn't meet up with our lowest specs and that a limit has to be made.

Just say why you refuse to put anything new on the WiiU. Is it because of the 'Nintendo not wanting to use Origin for it's online service' deal? If there was a fallout just say so, you will always be able to put your games on the Sony/MS systems no matter what you say about Nintendo. Nintendo can't go out and say anything negative about them because that looks bad, a console manufacturer talking bad about a third-party publisher. A third-party publisher as big as EA can always find another console to put their games on however.

So just say the reason and stop bullshitting everyone, people aren't so stupid as to just take contradicting evidence as truth.

BATRA1909d ago

ea are haters of nintendo what do you think i new this game will never come to the wii u but star wars battlefront 3 or 4 could come to the wii u ask disney

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