Rumor: Durango Announcement Pushed Back A Month

Paul Thurrott, who seemingly has some inside knowledge of Microsoft's Xbox division, has stated that the Next Xbox announcement has been pushed back from its previous projected date of April

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NeverEnding19891602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

From the article: "Thurrot also originally proposed the idea of Microsoft announcing the new Xbox in April".

So Michael Patcher 2.0 is retracting his prediciton. Okay. I think it's important to remember that officially, a successor to the Xbox 360 doesn't exist.

silenius1602d ago

It has nothing to do with changing the specs of the NextBox.
That is not possible at this state if we take as a consideration of possible release date on November. The only thing that they can change/upgrade is the HDD and "Maybe" just saying maybe a little more of the same type of RAM.

So the only thing that I can think of is a possible reveal at the E3 (So they don't have to pull 2 shows with only 1 month of difference in between them)

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SHORYUKEN1602d ago


Are you serious believing that they don't want to leaking?

Who are going to copy them now? Valve?

Sony already show their specs so its not gonna be Sony to copy xbox its rather xbox copy PS4. LOL

Axe991602d ago

@ xxLucky - it's getting pretty late in the day to copy anything - we're seven-to-eight months from launch, far too late to meaningfully change hardware specs (without pushing the launch back into 2014) - and Sony would look right odd changing them just after detailing what those hardware specs are. It's very odd that MS has basically conceded the first half of the year, media-wise, to the PS4 - they want to be getting their ideas and the like out there (both to the public and developers).

JhawkFootball061602d ago

With the rumor of "always on" getting so much negative attention. I wouldn't be surprised if this is why it was pushed back. To rethink the idea or maybe get rid of it all together.

Ritsujun1602d ago

They need to UP UP UP their specs after the event of 20 Feb, that's why.

1nsaint1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

@shoryuken & axe99 actually MS changed the amount of RAM the 360 had after they announced their specs, not long before the console release.

And about the copying, it doesnt necessary have to be the specs, look at how fast the WiiU second screen concept got 'stolen' by MS with smartglass and by Sony with the Vita

RIP_Weazel1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

...I know!
I mean Sega outright STOLE from the WiiU with their Dreamcast controller insert screen. No integrity with these time-travelling developers!
(All technological pushes are founded on 99% imitation, 1% innovation - Its just that the innovation and subsequent application is massively important!)

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andibandit1602d ago

Scared of Sony??? Lol they could buy Sony 20 times over, if they wanted to lol

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Urusernamesucks1601d ago

@Silver Beld,DatjDom81, DrakesFortune, LuckyStrike,and Nodoze

Thays some pathetic shit LMAO!
you guys need a life...

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The_Infected1602d ago

Hell they should just wait until E3 now since its going to me in May.

Lvl_up_gamer1602d ago

Well the countdown on major nelson's website that was covered all over the gaming media including n4g back on January 2nd 2013 that's counting down to E3 is the first time MS has ever done a countdown so it was pretty much expected that MS would reveal the next xbox at E3.

I don't know why anyone would believe this nobody who's rumor was that MS would announce in April and now pushed back to May. Why would MS do that when they already have a countdown to E3 to do it?

Donnieboi1602d ago

Yeah but E3 won't solve MS's problems, it will only highlight them, because Sony will also be at E3, with a ton of stuff to show off. And so will Nintendo and Valve. MS will have to share the spotlight 4 ways, with Sony having the biggest shine (so far) of the 4.

Seriously, MS better do a show before E3 or else it won't get the individual attention it needs. The question however, is does MS even have a worthy next-gen console reveal that is worth watching? Or is it just more apps, Kinect, and Usher.

A delay makes one wonder...

ZigZagLagger1601d ago

but they want the hype train to be going prior to E3 so more people will tune in to E3 to see all the games and learn all the specific details of the console.

zeal0us1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

I'm pretty sure MS is pushing back the Durango announcement to the third week(sometime during 11-13) in June.

It would be silly to make a announcement in May and E3 right in June.

Simon_Brezhnev1602d ago

I believe he tweeted it for May 21st.

deep_fried_bum_cake1602d ago

I wouldn't call it silly. Announcing not long before E3 would make it the thing being talked about in the run up to E3. I'd say that would be a smart move.

dcbronco1602d ago

I think they are moving away from the NFL draft. I thought it was stupid to do it around that weekend anyway. If it has been pushed back. Most of the target audience will be watching the draft.

GraveLord1602d ago

Good thing too. They better not release this until its ready. We wouldn't want another RROD episode!

Besides, there are plenty of Xbox 360 games to keep people busy even if the next Xbox doesn't release this year. MGSV, BF4, next COD, Fifa, AC IV, Watch Dogs...etc..etc. AND OF COURSE GTA V!

TheRacingX1602d ago

I'm not sure Konami said MGS 5 was coming to Xbox

iPad1601d ago

"plenty of Xbox 360 games to keep people busy even if the next Xbox doesn't release this year. MGSV, BF4, next COD, Fifa, AC IV, Watch Dogs...etc..etc. AND OF COURSE GTA V!"

lol. they're all multiplats so technically, they aren't 360 games

*I apologize for my inner fanboy*

Dlacy13g1602d ago

@WildStyles... Last minute changes? Changes to what exactly? Oh ... last minute changes to rumors. I see. rumored event, rumored specs, rumors, rumors, rumors...

MysticStrummer1602d ago

So you're saying it all just springs into existence at the moment of announcement? If games are being developed for a launch later in the year, then there are specs of some kind. They may or may not be making or considering changes, but to say it's an impossibility because there's nothing to change is pretty silly.

xxLuckyStrike1602d ago

Who knows??? As long as they get it right. Whatever they have cookin. One thing MS don't seem to worried about Sony and the PS4. CANNNNN YOUUUUUU SMEEEEEEEEL WHAT MS IS COOKIN!!!!

thechosenone1602d ago

Looks like someone one got cold feet. MS can't even put on a simple show that highlights some of the offerings of the next xbox? Really?!

"@thurrott how do you know?"

"@darrenb1988 Hi, I'm Paul Thurrott. Nice to meet you."

N4g_null1602d ago

Come on man. The surface event actually showed hardware lol and it runs real software lol. It's one of the best reveals in a while. They learned alot from Steve jobs.

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stuna11602d ago

You can't tell me they're not scrambling to compete!

Yet everyone's saying that Microsoft isn't concerned! Hell if I was a console maker I'd be concerned.

Like I said earlier, the fact that Sony launched a pre-emtive strike by announcing first has put Microsoft at a disadvantage.

Some don't want to hear it, but it's only logical, especially since Sony duped Microsoft by saying that they would allow Microsoft to make an announcement first! What that did was allow Microsoft an opportunity to fall into a false sense of security. Thinking that there was no rush, then BAMM! Sony makes an announcement.

Talk about "Punch Drunk"! I would say that would be a accurate description of what was going on at Microsoft Headquarters. Kind of reminds me of when Iron Mike Tyson first fought Spinks. Mike Tyson replied after the fight " I just hit him in his equilibrium, I knew I had him!" Lol

stuna11602d ago

Like I support the moves Sony are making, you support the moves Microsoft are making! So your reply means "What Exactly"?

Seems like you're defending the team you support! See no spin involved.

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BlueTemplar1602d ago


"The ms surface is way more sexier than the ps4 right now. I mean it has an i5 CPU in it and it can run big boy programs. That is not even a gaming platform."

It can run "big boy" applications precisely because it isnt a gaming platform. You think the next xbox is going to be capable of running Office and Visual Studio?

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Mounce1602d ago

I think Microsoft is afraid of showing a new console that won't come out blazing like PS4 did.

Microsoft would NEED to have a library of ready games, promises, features that can compete with PS4 and make it look Better somehow....

Them doing it in April, we could presume the Hype for PS4 would still be around so they want to wait until it POSSIBLY dies down?....Perhaps.

IcicleTrepan1602d ago

Yes, in your world Ballmer is at home literally crapping bricks.

You should go watch Barbarians at the Gate and then tell me if they're scared.