Android Powered OUYA Console Up For Pre-Order At GAME

Ouya is set to be available at UK retailer GAME, with pre-orders for the £99 console now open.

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Amigaengine1816d ago

This thing is going to be fun..... what video games are all about

PeaSFor1816d ago

meh, in the same way browser flash games represent "gaming"...

Amigaengine1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

after EA,Activision,Crytek,Square go bankrupt trying to build AAA titles that people have grown tired of this is what will be left.

It will play a lot more than angry birds. People think Android is just cell phone games when it is a OS like windows or Linux.

Viper71816d ago


Actually Android is an operating system based on Linux.