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Kojima Productions Japan and LA recruitment booth photos from GDC 2013

Kojima Productions Japan, as well as the new Los Angeles studio are recruiting for new staff members at GDC 2013. Hideo Kojima posted some photos of the recruitment booth on the conference floor. (Dev, GDC 2013, Industry, Kojima Productions, PS3, Tech, Xbox 360)

Donnieboi  +   482d ago
Does the new L.A. studio have a website? I could not find it yet. I need to know how badly they intend on changing mgo via "westernization" (as Kojima put it).
Nyxus  +   482d ago
I don't think they have a separate site.
Donnieboi  +   482d ago
your right dude, but I found an email through this article! It's in the hyper links at the bottom. Click it for the job positions, and it has the emails for kojima LA studios job positions.
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SuperKiing  +   482d ago
@ Everyone
There is an online petition to bring back David Hayter to reprise his role as Big Boss. Please take your time to sign it
Nyxus  +   482d ago
I'm still insure about this decision. Kojima said this is a different Metal Gear game and he wants to reflect that in the voice actor, but why then does the Japanese version have the same voice actor it's always had for Snake (Akio Otsuka)?
SuperKiing  +   482d ago
Did Akio Otsuka do Solid Snake voice as well or only Big Boss?
Heavenly King  +   482d ago
He is doing the voice of Big Boss is MGSV, and did the voice in PW and PO.
Nyxus  +   482d ago
@ SuperKiing: Both, except for BB in MGS4 (same situation as David Hayter). I don't know why I wrote 'insure' in the post above, btw. :P
SuperKiing  +   482d ago
Hopefully we will get some clarity about Kojima decision within the next couple weeks.
Heavenly King  +   482d ago
I think he has done it so that the actor, that is going to represent Snake in the Hollywood movie, is going to do the voice too.

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