Talking Point: An Open Letter To Nintendo

Even the most dedicated Nintendo fan will admit that the Wii U hasn't had the best of starts. The console has struggled to shift units in the way that Nintendo expected, and although we've seen some quality software of late — including Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, LEGO City: Undercover and Need for Speed: Most Wanted — the system is crying out for more games.

Clearly a lot of Wii U owners are frustrated with this situation, and it should come as no great shock to learn that Nintendo Life gets several emails a week from dedicated fans voicing their concerns. However, a message it received recently made quite an impact, and the site is therefore posting it for your perusal. Nintendo Life doesn't agree with everything in this email, but the passion behind the words goes beyond the typical fan-boy ranting — although the author has asked that their identity be kept a secret, it can be revealed that they work in the development community.

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auragenz1818d ago

OMG, What is he a stock holder?
There are other systems man, just let it go if you're unhappy.

1818d ago
SAYGUH1818d ago

This guy's right though, someone had to say it. IDK if Ninty can pull another miracle this time...

MartinB1051818d ago

As a Wii U owner, I'll be happy as long as Nintendo release Wii U iterations of their major franchises. It's pretty sad that I can't raise my hopes any higher for the Wii U, but I'm just being realistic in my expectations.

I already own a PS3 and PS4 ownership is an inevitability, so I'm not really concerned about whether cross-platform games come to the Wii U, because that's not where I'll be buying them anyway.