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PlayStation's Gone Indie; Is this the Future of Gaming?

Virtual Katz Writes: So far, GDC, or the Game Developers Conference, has been rather slow to this point in showing us anything that we really didn’t already know. Which if you think about it is a pretty big bummer considering this was the conference where we saw the first Xbox and the tech behind it, among other highlights over the years. Microsoft has totally skipped this year’s GDC, and there really aren’t any new games being shown off, really, it hasn’t been much of a spectacle at all honestly. With the exception of one tidbit of information and that is coming from the corner of Sony, who yet again is dropping some info about the PlayStation 4 with some Vita love sprinkled in as well. When looking at Next-Gen, to this point, we have seen Sony throw blow after blow at the competition and drive home that they are gunning for the crown this time around. So when Sony announced a slew of Indie games that are heading to the PlayStation 3, Vita, and soon the PlayStation 4, people natura... (Culture, Indie, PS Vita, PS3, Sony)

NYC_Gamer  +   760d ago
The indie developers have more passion plus move forward with creativity and fresh ideas
abzdine  +   758d ago
nicely said!!

Nobody said PlayStation's gone ONLY indie. Indie developers carry the future of the industry and they will for sure bring fresh ideas to this industry which tends to always bring the same thing over and over. It's a great investment in the long run!
ichimaru  +   760d ago
let's hope they have. I also want to see major devs thrive, it's a balance I think. indie devs offer imagination and work that usually attend from what they live aside games themselves, while big names have the budget and renown to continue blockbuster grade franchises.
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fOrlOnhOpe57  +   758d ago
Sony are going to swamp gamers with what they want......games.
Cam977  +   758d ago
No it hasn't. We still have big-budget titles such as TLOU, Beyond and more. The recent surge in Indie games is merely to balance it out.
b_one  +   758d ago
indie devs are mostly tired of working for some major corps, they want fresh air. so its good to have them onboard and let them try more, also those games cost less in production i supose... and if we will allow for alpha program on playstation store then we can support them more activelly - like kickstarter.
TheOneEyedHound  +   758d ago
I'll buy anything Thatgamecompany releases.
clintagious650  +   758d ago
They are definitely a big part of the gaming industry moving forward. The more support u have makes your system more attractive & worth the investment.
fei-hung  +   758d ago
May not be the best example but this reminds me of a scene from "From Dusk til Dawn," where the dude is advertising a variety of a certain something and prices and then accepts the challenge that if you get cheaper and better elsewhere, **** it!

Vulgar yes, but I see the connection -_-
SAE  +   758d ago
indie games are perfect for the vita. I'm happy to get them but sony need to bring us AAA games on vita too.
b_one  +   758d ago
FTL on ps4... ehhh would be perfect :>
ps3_pwns  +   758d ago
playstation is the future in gameing. its the only future where everyone is happy and has free online and exclusive games. i as a gamer will make sure that this future is realised in the last war we are likely to seein consoles. WWIII
isarai  +   758d ago
god DAMN i'm loving how Sony is doing the playstation brand, it just keeps getting better and better
CEOSteveBallmer  +   758d ago
Let me make it clear for this article. Sony wants all types and variety of games not just hardcore triple A games from renown companies but also Indie's which is also an important factor in the industry. You will never know in the future a small indie company could be the next naughty dog, Activision, EA, Ubisoft, Konami, and other big names
profgerbik  +   757d ago
They are just doing something no other console company has really and that is focus on a larger range of games from more developers than just a few.

I would say out of all the three, Sony has always pushed to provided more genres of games to choose from. That is what I love about Sony they like variety, they don't just focus on exclusives or kinect which seems to actually be hurting these other consoles.

I feel a greater sense of balance in the Sony-sphere.
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