Konami offers new clarification on Ground Zeroes, Phantom Pain and MGS5

'Separate' projects are in fact two parts of one game, though may be distributed differently.

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Irishguy951848d ago

"'Separate' projects are in fact two parts of one game, though may be distributed differently."

So...what...they are selling 2 parts of one game separately? So much confusion surrounds this(these?) title('s?)

Drano1848d ago

Think MGS4 and MGO. Two separate components yet same disc.

porkChop1848d ago

But it sounds like these aren't on the same disc if they're being distributed differently. He did say that GZ is a prologue to MGS5, and MGS5 starts in the hospital 9 years after GZ... Prologues come first, so maybe he really is selling them as separate games. That would probably piss a lot of people off.

guitarded771848d ago

Adding to what porkChop said, maybe it could be like MGS2 where you open as Snake, and move over to Raiden. It is on the same disc, but feels very different. Either way, 1 or 2 discs... I'm in.

MaxXAttaxX1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

On 2, you had the Taker chapter, then the Plant chapter.
On 3, Virtuous Mission was the prologue, then Operation Snake Eater was the rest of the game.

Ritsujun1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

'"Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are two separate games," public relations representative Jay Boor told Siliconera.'
''Separate' projects are in fact two parts of one game, though may be distributed differently'
'Distributed differently.'
There you go.

irepbtown1848d ago

I just assumed they were two seperate games, then if you have both, they seamlessly flow.

That's my assumption, still a bit confused. They will surely give more detail in the near future.

SubtenkoGaming1847d ago

No No No, guys it's like this:

You buy a nice shower gel but there's no loofah, you gotta get the loofah.

Or, you buy a double cheeseburger but its an incomplete combo without the fries and drink.

A fortune cookie with no fortune in it because its 10 cents cheaper.

Two guys walk into a bar but its not a joke, they actually walk into a bar. You could ask them to walk into a bar (as in pub) to make a up a joke and to not get hurt. That way you can continue on with the story!

Hope this helps clear up everything guys. Your welcome :)

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Root1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Imagine if he tried to sell us two parts of one game lol

I don't think so Kojima...

thechosenone1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

funny. ^^

for those still confused it's two games that share the same story line is all.

"the chances of it appearing on next gen consoles is high - the underpinning FOX Engine tech is scalable to work on low spec systems as well as new consoles."

*girlish squeal*

they better have something for E3, I want MGS for PS4.

Grap1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

not going to pay 120$ for one game not in a millions year. not a chance Kojima. i will probably pay for one and rent one that seems a good idea.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1847d ago

It would still sell in the 8million copies.

plaZeHD1848d ago

Think of it as Gran Turismo 5 prologue and Gran Turismo 5.

MaxXAttaxX1848d ago

Not at all. Prologue was like a super-demo of GT5 and they were separate.

It's gonna be like MGS2 and MGS3.
On 2, you had the Taker chapter, then the Plant chapter for the rest of the game.
On 3, Virtuous Mission was the prologue, then Operation Snake Eater was the rest of the game.

Campy da Camper1848d ago

Watch. The first will be ps3 and the second ps4/Durango only. Talk about a marketing strategy....

Sarobi1848d ago

Eh.. all these rough examples aren't very helpful. A good example would be Pokemon.. ex; Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, or X and Y.. the same game but there is two sides to it..

rezzah1848d ago

The prologue and the main part of the game.

Linear and open world.

WeskerChildReborned1848d ago

Or Phantom Pain and GZ can be disks included in MGS 5 like how last gen had multiple disks, i really wouldn't mind if i get two disks for PS3 if it means more content.

Knight_Crawler1847d ago

All of these examples are horrible.

Think about it like this - You pay for a hooker and get the STD for free.

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George Sears1848d ago

Tanker Incident | Plant Incident
Virtuous Mission | Operation Snake Eater
Ground Zeroes | The Phantom Pain (Or vice versa)

At least, this is what I thought when Kojima said that both are in one game.

boybato1848d ago

the ex president nailed it.

PygmelionHunter1848d ago

Was it really so hard to understand?

And still you get phantom disagrees (no pun intended)

CEOSteveBallmer1848d ago

Mr. Snake is your N4G name in Filipino? Boy Rock?? Hehe. Or are you a Filipino? just asking

sourav931848d ago

Hi. I quite new to the MGS world (MGS4 being my first MGS game), and I don't know what you explanation means. If you don't mind, can you please clarify? I'll try from my side and google them as well. Thanks.

Nate-Dog1848d ago

In MGS2 you started off with a first, short chapter, and after the events of what happened in this chapter the story progresses and the real game in the real, full location begins. The same thing happened in MGS3. You started off in what was called the Virtuous Mission and after that ended the timeline advanced a bit and then the full game really began. Basically it just means the former are preludes, while the latter are the real game.

sourav931848d ago

@Nate-Dog Thank you for that. Makes much more sense now. (I just read my original comment, boy do I sound like I'm fresh off the boat "I quite new to the MGS world" and "I don't know what you explanation means".

BinaryMind1847d ago

It should be Les puns terribles: The terrible puns!

strigoi8141848d ago

now you got me confused...kojima stop the trolling

Bigkurz851848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Clarification = more confused lol

MasterChief36241847d ago

Welcome to the world... of Metal Gear Solid :P

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1848d ago

So it will be like Dead Rising 2 where they sell you the prequel or w/e leading up to it as a digital download and then they sell you the rest of the game (which is most of it) that tells you the rest.

If they're doing it like that then I'll pass on it altogether.

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