Injustice: Gods Among Us demo announced for next week as the Battle Arena challenge continues

El33tonline writes:

"Hankering for a chance to go hands-on with NetherRealm’s next fighter, Injustice: Gods Among Us? Your chance will come sooner than you think."

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fsfsxii1702d ago

Hopefully the game would be good..who am i kidding, ofcourse its gonna be good, its NeitherRealm

Serjikal_Strike1702d ago

Great news, it'll let me know if I'll buy day 1 or wait

ironfist921702d ago

Wouldve been cool if the game was bundled with a free copy of MK vs DC

I still wanna try that out

hunterv31702d ago

The preorder at Wal Mart apparently includes Mk vs Dc with it, along with the Arkham City skins.

ironfist921702d ago

Too bad i dont live in America :c

StreetsofRage1702d ago

I already know I'm using Flash. You won't see my fists coming.