IGN- Razer Edge Gaming Tablet Review

IGN:Despite its flaws, there's a lot of potential in the Edge and the gaming tablet category, but the concept needs refinement. Razer certainly deserves credit for leading the charge, but in order to be appealing to a wider array of consumers, the Edge needs to be lighter, faster, and less expensive.

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Ness6191696d ago

Lol I'm sure this thing is pretty lame, but thats a super dick move by IGN to give it a 6.9 instead of a 7.0. It's kinda like when they price things at $99.99 to make your brain believe it's closer to $90 than $100.

LOGICWINS1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago ) one tenth of a point difference really going to affect anyones decision on whether they will buy this or not?

Either way, its pretty clear that they aren't recommending a purchase. Its WAAAAY too expensive, too bulky, and only 1 hour of battery life?

This model is a test run. Future iterations will be better.

@sdozzo- It didn't "fail". It won multiple Best of CES awards do to its unique concept(PC, console, tablet, portable gaming device all in one). It did what it was intended to do, which was give us a peek into the future of gaming tablets.

At 1500 dollars(not including the $99 dock and $70 extra battery) any idiot with half a brain would have come to the conclusion that this was never intended to do well with the masses/critics. It's simply not a practical option for most gamers yet.

3-4-51696d ago

maybe not 1/10, but a 7.1 game is completely different than a 7.9

the decimal scale is more accurate than only using 10 numbers. It gives you more options and variations to accurately score a game.

BullyMangler1696d ago

i never use lol's but . . lol what is this? . . a copy of Nintendo's wiiU game-pad?
ha haa here we go again . . don't accept imitations kids

Derekvinyard131696d ago

An hour of gameing on 1 battery life ???? Hell to the no

sdozzo1696d ago

We Knew this Would Fail

MontyQ1696d ago

lol razor makes the best keyboards and mice.....all their other stuff tho is fail like their $3000 laptop that is = to a $500 dell :/

4lc4pon31696d ago

1500.00 after your done with accessories and it plays Crysis 3 at "Low" settings. Junk

SilentNegotiator1696d ago

What a joke. Uncomfortable as a portable device, worthless battery, over-priced, requires a bunch of accessories to even make much sense (either stand, making it not so portable in use, or uncomfortable controller thing) as a gaming device...

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