Limbo Vita outsourced to LittleBigPlanet dev Double Eleven

Joystiq: Playdead is outsourcing the just announced Vita version of Limbo to Double Eleven, the UK team who co-developed LittleBigPlanet for the Sony portable.

Patti expects the Vita port of Limbo to hit "this year," he told Joystiq at last night's PlayStation Indie Arcade.

The port won't support any touchscreen gameplay.

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Good_Guy_Jamal1487d ago

Activision, take notes please. This is how you outsource a game, give it to a developer known for making quality games, AND give them enough time to do so.
VITA owners who have not played Limbo before are in for a treat when they pick this gem up.
Side note, game doesn't need touchscreen features.

remanutd551486d ago

Little Big Planet Vita is one of the two best games so far on the little system IMO.

Cam9771486d ago

Indeed it is. I've been addicted to it recently as I received the 'Get A Life' trophy just before 1AM last night. I had a blast! The MP is the most secure its ever been thanks to a new patch which gives it a console-like experience and there are plenty of levels to revisit and collect all the bubbles in!

gamefiles1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Here's an interesting fact to think about.

This Limbo game would be better on the 3DS Nstead of the vita, due to 3-D effect < fact

Even with H.D. the Vita no contender here.

Limbo would be FUNNER and much more IMMERSIVE on the 3DS rather in H.D. on a Vita < < < < fact fact fact! (: bye now :)

BrianC62341486d ago

Gamefiles - No game would be better on the 3DS. The Vita is a much better system. And 3D is overrated. It doesn't add anything to portable gaming besides maybe headaches if you play too long.

gamefiles1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

lol Limbo would be a much better experience on a 3DS rather a Vita due to 3-D power effect. Fact. Deal with it fanboys and especially this game.

lol head aches

remanutd551486d ago

It seems to me that the one having trouble dealing with a fact is you gamefiles, you seen to be somewhat distured, uncomfortable with the fact that game is coming to the psvita, take it easy man is just a video game, dont pay too much attention to little stuff like this.

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Apollosupreme1486d ago


Seriously, I had the exact same thought as him when I read this.

Killzone will redeem the Vita shoot genre, trust in Killzone. ;)

Moncole1486d ago

Its a port and not a new game like CoD: BL Declacified

WalterWJR1487d ago

I will not buy if I have to pay for it again

rezzah1486d ago

It's not like you can buy it without money lol.

I agree though, not going to get it if I need to pay. Got it for $10-15? Not willing to spend a total of $20-30 on the same game for two systems.

Hicken1486d ago

Like rezzah said: if you don't pay for it, you're not buying it, in the first place. Which makes your comment kinda redundant.

That said, why do you feel obligated to get a Vita copy? Not every game has cross buy; obviously, a game that wasn't made for the Vita when the console version released shouldn't logically come to you free: it cost them money to make this port, which is part of a separate production process than the console version.

jon12341486d ago

i will buy it if i have to pay for it!!!

memots1486d ago


I see what you did there.

jon12341486d ago

yes, and what i meant by that is, i have not played the game yet, so i do need to buy it :)

placiid1487d ago

i think outland would also be a perfect game for the ps vita

stuntman_mike1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

a perfect fit for vita. this game is awesome.

other games i would love to play on vita:

Mark of the Ninja
Shadow Complex

even tho 2 of them were microsoft exclusive? they could still turn up on another console.

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