Battlefield 4: DICE says it needs to 'step up its single-player game'

Series' exec producer says studio and fans are "more worried about" campaign than multiplayer

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NastyLeftHook01879d ago

Great, I know shooters can be more than just multiplayer with single player tacked on. Remember the ps2 days? single player was the whole of the game! remember gems such as timesplitters and moh frontline?

Im glad dice are taking this into concideration. bravo.

piroh1879d ago

well, it´s true i remember Black on PS2, but still i will miss co-op since i have friends. maybe they add it through DLC

NastyLeftHook01879d ago

black was such a great game, and turok also comes to mind, those weapons were classic.

r211879d ago

Black was amazing on the PS2. One of the best SP FPS campaigns out there. Hell, it even tops any FPS campaign this gen can make!

ProjectVulcan1879d ago

BF3's campaign was the weakest part of the game. Certainly needs more attention even if people are going to play most of their time online.

I rue the death of the single player experience in many games these days.

Bioshock Infinite- no multiplayer mode.


crzyjackbauer1878d ago

i think BF3 single player wasn't that bad
i mean c'mon after a while COD single player gets a bit dull you shoot guys, jump of a bridge, shoot stuff, jump off a helicopter, boom, boom boom jump off a cliff and repeat

BF3 was a bit more serious
the jet mission and tank missions were something that was never seen on any COD
i had a good time with it, i didn't expect it to blow my mind, after all the bad publicity they had on the single player i think they were a bit harsh on it but thets just my opinion

LOGICWINS1879d ago

MOH Frontline was AWESOME! It was my first FPS for the PS2.

solar1878d ago

tacked on SP is for the console players. no doubt in my mind. no other reason for it in a BF title.

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Rearden1879d ago

"Step up"... by including even more scripted quicktime events...

lastdual1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Yeah, the demo looked pretty, but all the scripting just made it feel like a bad military flick.
On the bright side, they did have one decently open environment that appeared to give you some freedom, though not as much as Bad Company 1.

Irishguy951879d ago

There was any quicktime events....just cutscenes.

KONAAs1879d ago

if ur talking of scripted events *cough* COD *cough* yes no one complains of it, SP is only to get used to the controls, its all about MP


That is horrible coming from the developers that completely ruined BF3's multiplayer with all the patches and nerfs... there's things that were useful at launch but now no one uses them because they nerfed them to the point where they're useless. Multiplayer should be the focus since that's where a majority of people will spend their time.

KONAAs1879d ago

dude stop complaning they can still be used, just because u cant get the one shot kills anymore dont cry about it, bf3 has the most balanced MP out,

R6ex1879d ago

Single-player part is all that matters to me.

Intentions1879d ago

I don't understand how they can fail single player for Battlefield 3 [and maybe BF4]. When they didn't really fail Bad company in terms of story :S.

Conzul1879d ago

More complex and interesting stories drive away sales from idiots. To make money, EA needs to pander to the 'MURICA! Fck yeah! - crowd. And as we all know, EA is about squeezing as much money as possible out of something.

There's a reason why COD makes so much compared to Spec Ops: The Line

KONAAs1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

BC1 and BC2 have a good story because of the characters, they made the story funny, less serious, like when Haggard, single handedly invaded Serdaristan and he runs after the truck i think he yells "theres gold in them trucks" that part craked me up, on when they talk of his cousin that had a hot voice but was ugly then sweatwater tells him if it was the cousin he dated, lol

madpuppy1879d ago

BC1 to me was classic, I could forgive some of the annoying aspects of the game because the characters are so great, BC2 on the other hand, fixed some of the annoying gameplay flaws from 1 but, changed the characters personalities a little too much for my tastes,
Sweetwater is all excited and full of hero worship, and what they did to Haggard is criminal, the killed his funny and made him all serious, angry and professional.

And what for? because a few douche bag reviewers criticized the characters and expected a little more seriousness in the game?

IGN D-bag: "Sadly it's that same light-hearted appeal that hurts the action in BF: BC a bit. War is intense yet the characters in Bad Company are constantly joking around and making fun of one another during battle. The comedy bit just doesn't quite fit in with the incredible level of action on screen. "

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