How I Fell in Love With the Most Curious Controller Ever at PAX East

Gaming Irresponsibly: The Stinky had sprint mapped to the top part of the board, crouch to the back part, knife to the left and dive to the right. The board effectively allowed me to access those 4 abilities without ever-changing the positioning of my fingers on the keyboard or mouse.

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dadeisvenm1848d ago

I can see the front and back control option because of the way I inherently react to things on the screen. Side to side... not so much.

agentxk1848d ago

I agree, but you get used to it after about 10 minutes

hellvaguy1847d ago

Kinda gross, but interesting at the same time.

porkChop1846d ago

Interesting idea, but I'm not sure how well this would work or if it would even be comfortable for long gaming sessions. I mean, you would have to change the way you sit and play. In order for this footpad to be useful, your feet would always have to be on it or ready to press. Doesn't seem intuitive at all really.

BattleAxe1846d ago

The name of the product turns me off. I would never consider buying something with a name like that.

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