Where is the next Xbox?

What is Microsoft doing? Sony has been releasing news about the PlayStation 4 for over a month now without any competition in the next-gen arena from Microsoft.

Come on Microsoft, step your game up

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iGAM3R-VIII1886d ago

"What is Microsoft doing? Sony has been releasing news about the PlayStation 4 for over a month now without any competition in the next-gen arena from Microsoft.

Come on Microsoft, step your game up"

I have to agree with this 100%. Sony is stepping up and telling us more about the PS4 but we don't even know if MS will be having a 720. When E3 comes I am sure MS will come out and say something but if they decide to do what Nintendo do and announce it 1 month before launch, that would be stupid. If they do that by that time the pre-orders for the PS4 would be out, thus meaning if the 720 hasen't even been revealed yet people will have no choice to pre-order the PS4

AngelicIceDiamond1885d ago

You agree with that, shocker. How will MS "step they're game up." If they haven't formerly announce the console yet?

MS will announce it when they feel they're ready, its simple. I wanna know what MS is doing just as bad as the next gamer but making rehashed articles time after time won't help anything.

xPhearR3dx1885d ago

I don't get why you, along with many media outlets are so upset MS hasn't revealed the next Xbox. It's eating through your skin that you don't know what they're currently up to. It's kind of a funny at this point.

Why o why1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

for me its a pointless as all the articles b/+(#ing about NOT seeing the actual ps4 at the reveal. Lets just wait. Time will tell if either ms or sony were wrong in their decisions.

ps3_pwns1885d ago

i agree MS needs to step up or the xbox supporters need to shut up and join the only side there is right now. playstation side! i actually don tthink the x720 will come out this year. all the devs said they like ps4 more then the nextbox already.

hellvaguy1885d ago

I realize by your name your a brainwashed sony fan, but here's the deal. This article was about people getting anxious about releasing specs and a date. It was nothing to do with needing to "step it up" and make it better.

I release it's hard to not place a negative twist on the competition for some people, but get a grip man, lol. The same goes for xbox fans too who go over the top with spin offs. Both sides have fans that are guilty of this brain washing. Just be patient and when it comes to electronics, the longer the wait, the bigger the payoff.

1885d ago
MysticStrummer1885d ago

@Archie - Then your presence in a console article is puzzling.

ichimaru1885d ago

awhy do you if strangers with anon accounts "join Sony's side". that sounds more like insecurity than anything, enjoy games for sure but stop using this site as a recruitment platform. we are not your minions, and we are not a corperation's army

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dangerousjo331885d ago

lol why ask why the new kings dont need to rush xbox is a house hold name now days. this isnt 2005 again when we xbox is a nobody who had to rush out with a glitchy xbox360 to catch the sony ps kings off guard to make xbox a house hold again xbox just fine sony jump out fast this time cus they had 2. witch is fine i would have 2 if i was them and they made a beautiful console with their time so gj

000011885d ago

get real man, if you think more kinect and media apps will be exciting im glad im not you. where is microsoft? why are they still quiet? the next xbox will be the xbox360 2.5 with more apps and kinect games/features. the xbox360 has went extremely downhill when it comes to exclusive games and the increased emphasis on kinect compared to the original xbox which had games for days. your gonna be disappointed man.

SDF Repellent1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

[email protected] Flower

calm down girl, remember flowers also only bloom at a certain time of the year in the spring. Relax, take a chill pill, everything will be alright. hahaha

1885d ago
Nodoze1885d ago

Edonus must be excited by the VAST software prospects on the 360 2.

Gears of War 17
Halo 29
Forza 35
Fable 16

Sounds like FUN!!

Oh and let's not forget the Kinect kiddie titles from Rare

River rafting 28
Yoga dance game 14
Star Wars Kinect 27

All of it sounds GREAT!!

Why o why1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Flowers may be on one extreme but edonus is on another. Just where did you think the gamers here on n4g cared more about what kinect games sold over gears forza alan wake and the likes. Thats not our main gaming type. Why hide behind those. Sad irony is those same sales you pulled from the darkness will probably be the reason ms puts even more focus behind kinect. Lmao. I know, I know you're probably ok with the amount of core games ms release. My 360 is my second console so its its exclusives I buy for it. No point getting multiplats on it so if it wasn't for the strong back catalogue from the 360s earlier years it would only be getting used for sky player right about now. Gears has come so thats a good thing but please dont expect me to be looking for some kinect games to fill my gaming gaps just like I wouldnt rely on mobile or tablet gaming to fill it

Just incase you think im just baggin im not. I dont agree with the article. Way too early to say but whe it comes to ms' direction only the most ignorant, blind or fanatical people can say they can't see a dramatic shift from gen start to gen end from bragging their competitors had 'no games' to exclusives don't matter anymore .I chuckle

dangerousjo331885d ago

i dont know if i agree totally with that. hard core gamers mostly at this point are males but if it well change from males to females oneday we well see. i personally cant wait to see the kinect 2.0 b/c i believe it can help hard core gamers be even more into the game their playing .just think your in a horror game and your about to walk into a house/room and you call out is their anyone there with your real words with the power of the kinect 2.0 or if your about to pick a lock on a game and you do it with your real hands on the screen with the power of kinect 2.o or lets say your playing GTA v and your at a club and they push you on stage stage and your have to really sing and read the words off the screen to keep while singing and you have to make sure to sing all words right inorder to keep the crowd from booing you to past that level. also you can have somthing for kids life story time and as your read to them you both watch in in action on the screen i dont know about you but i think thats next gen to me also might i add with the leaked specs of the next xbox makes it already 10 times more powerful then the xbox360 so the next xbox well most likely be on par with the ps4 so the next xbox well look beautiful.

dangerousjo331885d ago

my other massage wasnt jut to answer you thats why it had that stuff about male and female gamers in it in case u was thinking like what ? lol

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BrianC62341885d ago

Nobody stays king forever. And it's not like Microsoft dominated this generation. The Wii sold more than the 360. The PS3 is right behind the 360 in worldwide sales. The next generation could easily go right back to Sony.

DigitalSmoke1885d ago

MS wasn't king in anoything other then "Marketing".
This is what got them about the same amount of sales as Sony has at this point, with an entire year head start.

Everybody knows that Sony will pass them, lets be honest.

BrianC62341885d ago

I have no idea who will win the next round. I just know I'll be getting a PS4. I like Sony's games. Microsoft just doesn't have many first party games now.

MysticStrummer1885d ago

xD The new kings? Have they won a generation yet? They started out in first this gen, only because they rushed a faulty product out the door, and the very best they can hope for now is a tie for second place. Kings... lol MS based in Sacramento?

Hicken1885d ago

I see what you did there.

1885d ago
clintagious6501885d ago

I am upset with ms for not showing nothing about their nextbox but I hope they do come out strong at e3. The last thing we need is weak competition which we all know wont happen with ms. If they do disappoint at e3, I will be very disappointed only because we waited so long. Bring the fire ms.

PS4isKing_821885d ago

Maybe it's cause they're not really into games anymore and feel they don't have to rush the new system since they're more about becoming more entertainment focused such as adding more movie and music and sports apps and services. I think that's why they're letting Sony have all the core gaming news since that's not really their interest anymore like it once was. I could be wrong but based off recent rumors, I'd say its pretty close.

Nodoze1885d ago

I can just imagine all of the hurt for these 'core' gamers when MS turns their back on them. MS wants the living room, and if they do not think the gamer is going to get it for them POOF they are gone.

Even MS has limits to what it can spend. They cannot keep throwing money at a losing product. Zune anyone? Oh wait now Zune is the Xbox media services...

CommonSenseGamer1885d ago

This is all just strategy. Allow a competing product's noise to die down then announce yours given actual release dates are still a while away. Look at how competitors stay away from Apple's announcements as media focus is on Apple.

I'm sure if MS had announced first that people would be saying that Sony is just waiting for the right moment to trump everything that MS had announced. As I recall, wasn't it MS who moved first this gen?

Rainstorm811884d ago

Yes MS moved first this gen, and how much did that help them???............TREMENDOUSL Y !!!

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