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sherimae24131701d ago

are batman games open-world?

CustardTrout1701d ago

Some are, these tend to be.

silenius1701d ago

Just got instant boner only by thinking of it! :D

Th3 Chr0nic1701d ago

i take that to mean you havent played the arkham games. SHAME ON YOU DO IT NAAOOO!!

Y_51501701d ago

I never started playing the Arkham games until Arkham City release. When I heard about Arkham Asylum, I thought he's in the asylum no way being inside a prison would be an open world game. Well I was ignorant. It was a full blown open world game, really good one. Arkham City furthered the great experience.

RetrospectRealm1700d ago

Full blown open world? No damn way. Asylum compared to City is so freaking linear it's not even funny.

carreirabr1701d ago

Not really, just hubs.

Go there clean the area, proceed to the next, or mostly go backtracking ad infinitum.

AA was great, AC has a worst story and a huge amount of backtracking. The world is not that big, and you have like 7 hubs to explore.

_FantasmA_1700d ago

I agree. Batman was my favorite superhero as a kid and I wasn't impressed by the AA demo. Bought AC and was also disappointed. The game lacks depth and feels like a movie game, a really well made movie game, but it still feels like its a mainstream demo product. The only thing it needed was Mountain Dew and Dorito billboards in the small ass city. I beat the game and found all the Riddler trophies in a week and traded it in right away. Such wasted potential.

Knight_Crawler1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

@Sherimae - Do you even lift bro?

Pillsbury11700d ago

Haha " dost though even hoist?"

fermcr1700d ago

Batman: Arkham series are great games... but it's time for a new game. Rocksteady should create a new IP.

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CyrusLemont1701d ago

This can't be connected to the Rocksteady games, it'll make Batman a baby, unless Batman travels back in time to save the world or something lol, but then how would that explain the existence of the Justice League? They wouldn't be around then either.

Sharius1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

that why they call it's fiction

CyrusLemont1701d ago

Sure it's fiction, and it can be magical as much as it wants, but when you've established a world, a timeline, and the fact that it's grounded by relatable elements to reality, you can't disrupt that without a sound explanation. You'll have entropy then haha. If it's in Rocksteady's universe and has an explanation for it's setting (e.g. time travel, alternate universe) then I'm cool with it! :)

Sevir1701d ago

What's been happening is he's been reimagined every decade to be more relevant. The justice league has been around since the 50s.

Still it would be better if they gave the Arkham franchise a Bruce Wayne origin story instead of jumping to a timeline with a Batman using different technology than the one set in the Arkham Franchise. It just doesn't make sense.

Also I'm pretty sure Rocksteady said they were done with Batman and moving on to other things, especially since Warner Bros Montreal confirmed earlier this month that They were the ones handling this next game and not Rocksteady.

SilentNegotiator1700d ago

But to be fair, Batman is one of the only characters that DC basically refuses to give a true reboot to. His Boy Wonder count is getting ridiculous and the story lines all being in tandem no longer make sense.

It's the reason that I can't get myself to really keep up with comics; so many of them are like soap operas in which time rarely passes but the events stack and clutter each other every week.

Sandmano1701d ago

Agreed I don't like this idea keep the justice league out of my BATMAN!!

Williamson1701d ago

Arkham city is one of my favorite games I ever played so this is good news to me. Arkham city set up for so many great plots and side stories so Im hoping this game is a sequel.

CustardTrout1701d ago

This game will win my favour if they finally put Crazy Quilt in it as one of the main bad guys.

Pro_TactX1701d ago

As much as I love the Batman Arkham games, I have no interest at all in playing a 1960's Batman game.

XXXL1701d ago

Yeah I agree I was lookin forward to continuing the present day arkham arc. Scarecrows plan, hush, azrael, etc.

KillrateOmega1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Same here. Not that I'm entirely against the idea of a Batman game set in the 50s, I would just rather them to continue on and eventually finish the series' current timeline before moving on to alternate timelines.

I also have doubts about the inclusion of the Justice League. Even if it's only a few characters or one of the more grounded heroes like Green Arrow, I just feel like they would detract from the Arkham experience. Arkham, just as the name suggests, is very much a Batman experience.

However, this is just a rumor and this IS Rockstar that we're talking about, so I'm sure that they'll manage to do a great job regardless of the next game's premise.

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